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Last updated 2 May 2019

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Our special book offers for May 2019:

Barder (R.C.R.): English Country Grandfather Clocks - the Brass Dial Longcase
O/P. 223 pages, 125 plates, signed by author, 1983. A useful book for longcase clock enthusiasts and a good guide to dating a clock from the style of the dial and case. Good copy (bookplate inside front cover) with good dust jacket.

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(Ref: SK1009 - E3)

Price: 12.50

Brearley (H.C.): Time Telling Through the Ages
O/P. 294 pages, 24 illustrations each protected by tissue. Published in 1919 for Robert H. Ingersoll & Bros. to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their entrance into the watch industry. This is a rare book and this copy is complete with an 8 page pamphlet Time Telling Through the Ages an Appreciation by Dr. Frank Crane. Good copy, corners bumped and worn, paper covers marked, cloth spine dust stained.

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(Ref: SK41 - F3)

Price: 15.00

Britten (F.J.): Britten's Watch & Clock Maker's Handbook Dictionary and Guide
O/P. 460 pages, 16th edition, reprinted 1989. This is the most recent and best edition which was revised by Richard Good. This is a very useful book for the workshop hence it has been updated and reprinted many times. A very good copy with good dust jacket.

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(Ref: SK1378 - H7)

Price: 30.00

Brunner (G.L.) & Pfeiffer-Belli (C.): Wristwatches / Armbanduhren / Montres-bracelets
O/P. 512 pages, 2100 illustrations, 1999. The success of the wristwatch in the 20th century is told here through the story of 84 of the century's most prominent watch producers. Some of the makers included were famous in their day but have long been forgotten. With dust jacket. [Text in English, French and German]

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(Ref: SK1568 - F4)

Price: 17.50

Brusa (G.): Italian Night Clocks
O/P. 11 pages, 16 illustrations, 1975. An interesting article reprinted from Antiquarian Horology. Very good copy, card covers.

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(Ref: SK3451 - BX10)

Price: 3.00

Bundock (M.): Margate Clock Tower

Bundock (M.): Margate Clock Tower
NEW. 46 pages, illustrated, 2013. The clock tower was built to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1877 and has a 3-train clock by William Potts & Sons of Leeds. Unusually, the top of the tower has a Time Ball which is currently being restored to working order. An interesting history. Card covers.

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(Ref: SN3418)

Price: 4.00

Christianson (D.): Timepieces - Masterpieces of Chronometry
S/H. 176 pages, illustrated, 2002. This well illustrated book tells the history of clocks and watches and how the pursuit of more accurate timekeeping has had a remarkable influence on scientific and technological developments over the last 800 years. Very good copy with good dust jacket.

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(Ref: SK2509 - F3)
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Price: 5.00

[Christie's]: The Celebrated Collection of English and Continental Clocks formed by the late Courtnay A. Ilbert, Esq., F.B.H.I.
O/P. 96 pages, 26 b&w plates, 1 colour plate, 1958. The Christie's sale catalogue (illustrated) for the famous Ilbert collection; the collection was sold to the British Museum prior to the auction. A good copy, the boards a little discoloured. Hardback. [Sale @ King Street, London 6 & 7/11/1958]

** Was £30.00, now on pecial offer at £15.00 **

(Ref: SA201)

Price: 15.00

Good (R.): Victorian Clocks
O/P. 207 pages, 143 clocks illustrated and described, 1996. A good book about the best of Victorian clockmaking, previously ignored by most authors. The book has chapters on English carriage clocks, chronometers, wall, longcase, mantel and skeleton clocks, regulators, time ball & electric clocks and turret clocks. A fine copy with very good dust jacket.

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(Ref: SK129 - H3)

Price: 14.00

Harrold (M.C.): American Watchmaking - A Technical History of the American Watch Industry 1850 - 1930
O/P. 144 pages, 210 photographs, 36 figures, 1984. Published as supplement # 14 to the NAWCC Bulletin in 1984 this book is a comprehensive overview of the American Watchmaking industry with information about the watches, how they were made and the companies that made them. Good copy, card covers.

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(Ref: SK1319 - G4)

Price: 10.00

Hesketh (D.): Penny-In-the-Slot Automata and the Working Model

Hesketh (D.): Penny-In-the-Slot Automata and the Working Model
NEW. 224 pages, over 300 colour illustrations, published January 2005. The first comprehensive guide to those ingenious amusements which have delighted visitors to the seaside and the fairground for over a century (1860's to 1970's). The book has chapters on the British makers Ahrens, Bolland, Canova, Dennison, Kraft, Lee and Tansley as well as on American working models and coin-operated mechanical music. A price guide and list of museums with good collections are also included. With dust jacket.

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(Ref: SN599)
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Price: 65.00

Jagger (C.): The Artistry of the English Watch
O/P. 160 pages, 93 plates, 1988. A detailed well illustrated study of the design and decoration of English watchcases and movements from about 1600 to the Victorian era. With chapters on materials and techniques. Good copy with good dust jacket (wear to top of spine).

** Was £22.00, now on special offer at £10.00 **

(Ref: SK167 - H1)

Price: 10.00

Lennox-Boyd (M.): Sundials - History, Art, People, Science
S/H. 144 pages, well illustrated, 2006. An excellent book about all types of sundials from pre-history up to the present day. The illustrations are really excellent as are the descriptions; the book has an appendix on dial theory & geometry as well as a glossary of dialling terms. Interest in sundials is growing; I can recommend this book to all who are interested in the subject. A fine copy (bookplate on ffep), without dust jacket.

** Was £15.00, now on special offer at £7.50 **

(Ref: SK4120 - P3)

Price: 7.50

Loomes (B.): Brass Dial Clocks

Loomes (B.): Brass Dial Clocks
O/P. 448 pages, 48 colour & 711 b&w plates, 1998. This excellent book is a detailed study of the origins and development of brass dial domestic clocks in Britain and America. Always in demand by longcase clock enthusiasts, this book also has a chapter of case studies of early provincial makers. A very good copy with good dust jacket.

** Was £175.00, now on special offer at £87.50 **

(Ref: SK830 - F6)

Price: 87.50

Mosoriak (R.): The Curious History of Musical Boxes
O/P. 242 pages, 41 plates plus 30 photographs of the Clara Dawes Collection, 1st edition, 1943. This book has lots of information including a checklist of makers and a listing of all U.S. patents issued concerning music boxes. A good copy, boards a little worn to edges.

** Was £25.00, now on special offer at £12.50 **

(Ref: SK218 - M3)

Price: 12.50

Muse International D'Horlogerie: Chronatome de LHorlogerie Electrique a LElectronique
O/P. 56 pages, illus., 1978. A history of the growth of the electric and electronic watch and clock industry in Switzerland. Very good copy. Card covers. [French language]

** Was £15.00, now on special offer at £7.50 **

(Ref: SK3096 - BX15)

Price: 7.50

Patrizzi & Co.: The Patrizzi Pocket Expert Girard-Perregaux Tourbillon with Gold Bridge
S/H. 375 pages, illustrated, 2011. The history and comprehensive technical details of an iconic watch. The book starts with the first model in 1860 by visionary watchmaker Constant Girard through to the latest contemporary creations. During this period more than 40 different models show the evolution of the mythical Tourbillon with Gold Bridge. A very useful guide for dealers and collectors. A new copy but base of spine and top corner(s) a little bruised in transit. Card covers. [English and French language]

** Was £17.00, now on special offer at £9.00 **

(Ref: SK2425 - E5)

Price: 9.00

Tyler (E.J.): The Craft of the Clockmaker
O/P. 96 pages, illus., reprinted 1977. A useful introduction to the tools and techniques used in clockmaking. A very good copy, the dust jacket good but with one small tear.

** Was £12.00, now on special offer at £6.00 **

(Ref: SK307 - N2)

Price: 6.00

Wolfendale (A.): Harrison in the Abbey
O/P. 78 pages, illustrated, 2006. A book published in honour of John Harrison on the occasion of the unveiling of his memorial in Westminster Abbey, London on 24 March 2006. The book contains articles on John Harrison, his work and its significance, as well as articles on the Abbey, the memorial itself, and the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. A fine copy, card covers.

** Was £15.00, now on special offer at £7.50 **

(Ref: SK3586 - J1)

Price: 7.50

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