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Ford (B.J.): The Revealing Lens
O/P. 208 pages, illustrated, 1973. An interesting review of the use and development of the microscope from the earliest times through to the scanning electron microscope. A good copy with fair dust jacket. (Ref: K4502 - A1)

Price: 4.00

Frison (E.): L'volution de la Partie Optique du Microscope au Cours du Dix-Neuvime Sicle
O/P. 168 pages, 23 figs., 1954. A French work on the evolution of microscope optics during the nineteenth century. Good copy, card covers. [French language] (Ref: K4501 - E5)

Price: 12.00

Galileo Galilei: Dialogues Concerning the Two New Sciences
O/P. 496 pages, 1952. An English translation of Galileo's final book (published 1638), a scientific testament covering much of his work in physics over the preceding thirty years. Three men (Simplicio, Sagredo, and Salviati) discuss and debate the various questions Galileo is seeking to answer on the theory of falling bodies, the nature of acceleration and the motion of projectiles. This volume also contains works by William Gilbert (On the loadstone and Magnetic Bodies) and William Harvey (including Circulation of the Blood). Good copy. (Ref: K3803 - H4)

Price: 9.00

Gaulke (K.): Der Ptolemus von Kassel - Landgraf Wilhelm IV von Hessen-Kassel und die Astronomie
O/P. 262 pages, illustrated, 2007. Count Wilhelm IV of Hesse (1552 - 1592) built an observatory at Kassel and employed Jost Bürgi the famous mathematician, clockmaker and globe maker. This well produced book is a detailed study of astronomy at Kassel and of the celestial mechanical globes, astronomical clocks, armillary spheres and sundials now in the museum there. A fine copy. [German language] (Ref: K3865 - D2)

Price: 45.00

Gee (B.): Francis Watkins and the Dollond Telescope Patent Controversy

Gee (B.): Francis Watkins and the Dollond Telescope Patent Controversy
NEW. 392 pages, 17 colour plates + many b&w illustrations, 2014. A well researched book on the life and work of Francis Watkins; Watkins partnership with Dollond and the telescope patent controversy; and Watkins successors - Watkins & Smith and Watkins & Hill. Another excellent book about British scientific instrument makers and their times. With dust jacket. (Ref: N3644)
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Price: 85.00

Gerbino (A.) & Johnston (S.): Compass & Rule - Architecture as Mathematical Practice in England
O/P. 208 pages, 157 illustrations, 2009. The birth of the profession of architecture in England was based on expertise in the mathematical arts and science and London's entrepreneurial scientific instrument makers. The book focuses on the work of people such as Sir Christopher Wren and Inigo Jones, and illustrates many fine instruments. A very good copy (book plate on ffep) with good dust jacket. (Ref: K4589 - TC6)

Price: 40.00

Gibbs-Smith (C.): The Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci
O/P. 110 pages, illustrated 1978. An interesting book reproducing sketches of mechanical devices from Leonardo da Vinci's note books. Good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3826 - X1)

Price: 9.00

Giodarno (R.V.): Singular Beauty: Simple Microscopes from The Giordano Collection
O/P. 64 pages, illus., 2006. A catalogue of 127 fine simple microscopes dating from the 1670's to the 1860's, now in a French museum. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4658 - TC3)

Price: 18.00

Giodarno (R.V.): The Discoverers' Lens - A Photographic History of the Simple Microscope 1680 - 1880
O/P. 299 pages, illustrated, 2012. A large format volume (23 x 33 cm) documenting the Giordano collection of 127 instruments, each one described and beautifully illustrated in colour at about natural size. This is the most complete description available of simple microscopes constructed from the beginning of the instrument in the 1600's to about 1880. A fine copy. [English and French languages]

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(Ref: K4587 - TC4)

Price: 195.00

Grtzsch (H.): Dresden Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon
O/P. 195 pages, illus., 1979. A well illustrated catalogue of 178 clocks, watches and scientific instruments in the collection of the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon, Dresden. A good copy with dust jacket and card slipcase. [German language] (Ref: K4042 - H5)

Price: 10.00

Gunther (R.T.): Astrolabes of the World
O/P. 2 vols in 1, 609 pages, 216 figs., 151 plates, 1976. One of the classic works on astrolabes, this is the Holland Press edition of a work originally published in 1932. Both editions of this work are now rare. A detailed and comprehensive study on astrolabes in British collections, especially those at the Museum in Oxford which has a world-class collection. Very good copy (inscription on ffep) with dust jacket, the latter with light wear.

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(Ref: K800 - TC7)

Price: 395.00

Gunther (R.T.): Early Science in Oxford - Volume 1
O/P. 407 pages, illus., 1923. Volume 1 covers Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Surveying. An excellent reference to the early scientists at Oxford University and the Oxford Colleges and the extant scientific equipment they used. A good copy, blue cloth as issued. (1.1 kg) TC3
(Ref: K4700 - TC3)

Price: 35.00

Gunther (R.T.): Early Science in Oxford - Volume 2
O/P. 408 pages, illus., 1923. Volume 2 covers Astronomy. An excellent reference to the early scientists at Oxford University and the Oxford Colleges and the extant scientific equipment they used. The collection of instruments in the possession of the Colleges and the University illustrate several of the most important stages in the progress of astronomical science. A good copy, blue cloth as issued. (Ref: K4702 - TC3)

Price: 50.00

Gunther (R.T): Historic Instruments for the Advancement of Science
O/P. 90 pages, a few line drawings, 1st edition, 1925. A handbook to the Oxford collections prepared for the opening of the Lewis Evans Collection on May 5th 1925. The Lewis Evans Collection, together with instruments from the Oxford University colleges, forms the core of the Museum of the History of Science all still housed in the Old Ashmolean building, Oxford. This is a rare item, so the original print run must have been very small. A very good copy, corners lightly worn. (Ref: K4627 - TC11)

Price: 40.00

Guye (S.) & Michel (H.) : Time & Space - Measuring Instruments from the 15th to the 19th Century
O/P. 289 pages, 295 illustrations, 1st English language edition, 1971. An interesting book charting the development of clocks, watches, chronometers and navigational instruments. A good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K2003 - A2)

Price: 15.00

Hall (A.R.): Hooke's Micrographia 1665 - 1965
O/P. 31 pages, 8 plates, 1966. A lecture given about Robert Hooke and his famous book Micrographia on the tercentenary of its publication. Good copy, card covers (creased). (Ref: K4670 - TC11)

Price: 9.00

Hall (A.R.) & Simpson (A.D.C.): An Account of The Royal Society's Newton Telescope
O/P. 16 pages, 5 figs., 1995. Sir Isaac Newton is generally credited with the invention of the reflecting telescope. This paper looks at the evidence for the 3 telescopes made by Newton and examines the instrument now in the Royal Society's collection. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4653 - TC11)

Price: 12.00

Hambly (M.): Drawing Instruments 1580 - 1980
O/P. 206 pages, 175 illustrations, 1988. An excellent book on the subject, essential reading for those interested in the history and development of drawing instruments. A fine copy with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K4225 - G1)

Price: 60.00

Hamel (J.) & Korey (M.) editors: Weiter sehen / Seeing Further - Essays on the early history of the telescope and the history of science in Augsburg in memory of Inge Keil
O/P. 342 pages, illustrated, 2012. A collection of 12 papers includes information about telescope makers Johann Wiesel and John Gibson, globe maker Christoph Schissler and much more. A very good copy, card covers. [(9 papers German language, 3 English language] (Ref: K4628 - TC4)

Price: 15.00

Hammond (J.H.): The Camera Obscura - A Chronicle
O/P. 182 pages, 102 figs., 1981. The long history of the camera obscura - used by astronomers and showmen, artists and travellers - from the 13th to the 20th century is told here. A fine copy with good dust jacket (small tear to rear). (Ref: K4666 - TC3)

Price: 25.00

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