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McConnell (A.): A Survey of the Networks Bringing a Knowledge of Optical Glass-Working to the London Trade, 1500 - 1800
O/P. 166 pages, 39 figures, 2016. From the late middle ages through to the nineteenth century the skilled process of making optical quality glass and was a valuable and jealously guarded asset. This is the story of how glass making knowledge and knowledge of how to design and make lenses transferred around Europe and especially to London. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4605 - F4)

Price: 60.00

McConnell (A.): Jesse Ramsden (1735 - 1800) London's Leading Scientific Instrument Maker
O/P. 318 pages, illustrated, 2007. An excellent biography about the life and work of Jesse Ramsden who made scientific instruments for the major European observatories as well as private clients. This is a detailed account of the scientific instrument trade, in London, in the second half of the eighteenth century. The book also has a chapter on Ramsden's successors - Matthew Berge, James Allen and Nathaniel Worthington. A very good copy (corners lightly bumped) with good dust jacket. (Ref: K4716 - X2)

Price: 50.00

McConnell (A.): R B Bate of the Poultry 1782 - 1847
O/P. 74 pages, 13 illustrations, 1993. The life and times of Robert Brettell Bate, a London scientific instrument maker and chart agent to the Admiralty. An excellent monograph. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K1177 - BX8)

Price: 50.00

Mennim (E.): Transit Circle: The Story of William Simms 1793 - 1860

Mennim (E.): Transit Circle: The Story of William Simms 1793 - 1860
NEW. 303 pages, illus., no date. A biography of William Simms senior who entered into partnership with Edward Troughton in 1826. Troughton & Simms made all kinds of scientific instruments but are best remembered for their optical instruments which were sold to observatories around the world. Soft covers. (Ref: N399)

Price: 9.50

Meskens (A): Familia Universalis: Coignet - Een familie tussen wetenschap en kunst
O/P. 224 pages, 103 figures, 1998. The Coignet's were an important family of Flemish scientists, physicians and artists. Michiel Coignet and his father Gillis were makers of astronomical and mathematical instruments including astrolabes and armillary spheres. Good copy, card covers now a little marked. [Dutch language] (Ref: K3841 - T2)

Price: 27.00

Michel (H.): Instruments des Sciences dans l'art et l'histoire
O/P. 206 pages, 104 colour plates, 1966. A well illustrated book describing 104 fine scientific instruments, all now in museum collections. A good copy, poor dust jacket. [French language] (Ref: K3869 - G7)

Price: 10.00

Millburn (J.R.): Adams of Fleet Street - Instrument Makers to King George III

Millburn (J.R.): Adams of Fleet Street - Instrument Makers to King George III
NEW. 420 pages, illustrated, 2000. An excellent study of the scientific instrument business founded by George Adams in 1734 and continued by his sons George junior and Dudley until 1817. Adams made some of the finest instruments of the 18th century and wrote several technical books. This book reproduces several catalogues by Adams and has a detailed list of publications by the family. With dust jacket. (Ref: N1373)
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Price: 80.00

Millburn (J.R.): Benjamin Martin: Author, Instrument-maker, and 'Country Showman'
O/P. 244 pages, frontis, 8 plates, 7 figs., 1976. Martin was a teacher, author, lecturer - demonstrator and started a scientific instrument making business in London. Martin also wrote tracts on table clocks and dialling as well as designing and making at least two clocks. A fine copy with very good dust jacket (faded to spine). This book is now hard to find.

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(Ref: K3020 - P1)

Price: 160.00

Millburn (J.R.): Retailer of the Sciences - Benjamin Martin's Scientific Instrument Catalogues, 1756 - 82
O/P. 95 pages, 51 figs, limited to 500 copies only, 1986. Benjamin Martin was one of the first retailers of scientific instruments, the catalogues collated here show the wide range of instruments he could supply and their prices. The book also includes the auction sale of his stock in 1782. A very good copy. (Ref: K4224 - D2)

Price: 50.00

Miniati (M.): Catalogo Museo Di Storia Della Scienza, Firenzi
O/P. 384 pages, illustrated, 1991. A good catalogue of the famous collection of scientific instruments in the Museum of the History of Science, Florence. A good copy, card covers (spine a little creased). [Italian language] (Ref: K2008 - G4)

Price: 40.00

Moe (H.): Mikroskopets Historie
O/P. 261 pages, well illustrated in colour and b&w, 1990. An excellent book on the history of the microscope over the last 400 years, with good descriptions of the component parts and how they were used. This is a high quality publication written by a practising microscopist and illustrated with photographs of microscopes in the Medical Historical Museum, Copenhagen. A very good copy with good dust jacket. [Danish Language] (Ref: K3842 - A3)

Price: 50.00

Mrzer Bruyns (W.F.J.): The Cross-Staff - History and Development of a Navigational Instrument
O/P. 127 pages, illustrated, 1994. An excellent study of the cross-staff with a detailed documented check list of all those known to still survive, with notes on their makers. A very good copy, card covers now a bit worn. (Ref: K1962 - F3)

Price: 15.00

Multhauf (R.P.): A Catalogue of Instruments and Models in the Possession of the American Philosophical Society
O/P. 80 pages, 26 figs., 1961. The collection includes the telescope and clock built by David Rittenhouse for the transit of Venus in 1769 and a set of Leyden jars used by Benjamin Franklin. A very good copy with fair dust jacket. (Ref: K4256 - B1)

Price: 15.00

Nachet (A.): Collection Nachet
O/P. 145 pages, 16 plates, facsimile reprint, number 184 of 300 copies, 1976. Originally published in 1929 this book documents the famous Nachet collection of scientific instruments (mainly microscopes) and library of books on microscopes. The collection was sold and dispersed in 1971. The book has four sections: The invention of the microscope; description of the scientific instruments in the collection; catalogue of the books; list of instrument makers and important persons in the microscope world. A very good copy (bookplate inside front cover) with fair dust jacket. [French language]

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(Ref: K4607 - C2)

Price: 175.00

[National Maritime Museum]: Man is Not Lost: A record of two hundred years of astronomical navigation with the Nautical Almanac 1767 - 1967
O/P. 43 pages, illus., 1966. The Nautical Almanac and its later companion The Air Almanac are part of the story of using the Sun, Moon and stars for navigation. This book describes the origin and use of the almanacs. Good copy. Card covers. (Ref: K2971 - BX10)

Price: 9.00

Needham (J.), Gwei-Djen (L.), Combridge (J.H.) & Major (J.S.): The Hall of Heavenly Records - Korean Astronomical Instruments and Clocks 1380 - 1780
O/P. 201 pages, illustrated, 1st edition 1986. Between the 14th and 18th centuries, there was created under the Yi Dynasty in Korea a remarkable series of astronomical instruments, star-charts and clocks. This book demonstrates the context, purpose, nature and specific workings of these early instruments. Very good copy with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K1909 - G3)

Price: 50.00

Negretti & Zambra: A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments

Negretti & Zambra: A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments
NEW. 176 pages, reprint of a book first published in 1864. A detailed work describing the principles and construction of barometers, hygrometers, rain guages, anemometers, ozonometers and other meteorological instruments. Paperback. (Ref: N224)
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Price: 7.95

Newstead (M.J.): Cumulative Index to the Quekett Journals of Microscopy 1868 - 1992
O/P. 243 pages, 1994. A very useful index to the Quekett journals, volumes 1 to 36, with a publication history of the journal and a list of books reviewed or noticed. A fine copy. (Ref: K4503 - E2)

Price: 35.00

Nordenmark (N.V.E.) & Nordstrm (J.): The Invention of the Achromatic and Aplanatic Lens
O/P. 142 pages, 7 figures, 2016. An English translation of two articles originally published in Sweden in 1938-39, with three additional appendices. The book examines the invention of the achromatic lens with special regard to the role played by Samuel Klingenstierna a Swedish mathematician. Klingenstierna's work paved the way for Chester Moor Hall and John Dolland to make lenses which refract light without colour dispersion. A very good copy (small inscription inside front cover). (Ref: K4616 - B3)

Price: 50.00

North (J.) Editor: Mid-Nineteenth Century Scientists
O/P. 190 pages, illustrated, 1969. An interesting book which includes microscope makers Hugh Powell, James Smith and Andrew Ross as well as Charles Babbage. Good copy, paperback. (Ref: K3847 - K1)

Price: 10.00

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