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Last updated 1 August 2020

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The following books were added to our booklist in July 2020:

Bergeon & Cie: Tools and materials for Watchmakers Catalogues 1 & 2
O/P. A large, 2 volume, tools and materials catalogue, published circa 1989, for a wide range of items, not priced. The full title is: Tools for watch-manufacturing and repairing, precision engineering, for optic, jewellery. Watchmaker's supplies. Industrial supplies. Fine condition, card covers. [German, English, French & Spanish languages] (Ref: K3346 - H7)

Price: 40.00

Croton (P.): Watchmakers of Hull

Croton (P.): Watchmakers of Hull
NEW. 176 pages, illustrated, 2020. A new book about almost 400 watchmakers who worked in Hull from about 1750 to 1950, with 45 colour illustrations of dials and movements and many other drawings and photographs of watchmakers and their premises. Soft covers. (Ref: N5032)

Price: 14.99

Sotheby's: The Celebrated Library of Harrison D. Horblit Esq. - Early Science, Navigation and Travel
O/P. 2 volumes, illustrated, 1974. Part 1 includes book with authors A - C, part 2 includes authors D - G. As far as I can tell, the remaining volumes were not sold by Sotheby's. Horblit had a fabulous collection of books, rich in early fifteenth century science books, early English science books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and rare books in the field of navigation. Both volumes in very good condition, covers a bit faded and corners a little bumped. (Ref: K5031 - W3)

Price: 10.00

Watson (C.): (i) John Holmes - A View on his Life and Work & (ii) John Holmes (1727 - 97) Time for a Further Look
O/P. Two articles of 13 pages and 10 pages respectively, illustrated, 2003. Two interesting papers, published in two issues of Antiquarian Horology about the famous clockmaker John Holmes. These are the only articles written about Holmes' life and work that I know of. Very good copy, soft covers. (Ref: K5033)

Price: 10.00

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