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Last updated 14 April 2021

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The following books have been added to our booklist in April 2021:

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Baillie (G.H.): Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World
O/P. 388 pages, 2nd edition, signed by author, 1947. This and volume 2 are indispensable for their listings of makers and their working dates. (See under Loomes for volume 2 and the new combined 21st century edition). An interesting association copy as it has a presentation inscription to G. B. Buckley signed by the author. Buckley was an enthusiast who authored several papers with lists of clockmakers. A very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K439 - F5)

Price: 15.00

Breguet (E.): Breguet, Watchmakers Since 1775

Breguet (E.): Breguet, Watchmakers Since 1775
NEW. 452 pages, 512 illustrations, English language edition, 2017. The book's subtitle - The life and legacy of Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747 - 1823) tells us what to expect. Originally published in 1997, this book became a classic among horology enthusiasts and is a good history of the business from its beginnings to today. This updated edition is complete with new images, illustrations, and additional pages on the historic pieces acquired by the Breguet Museum since 2000. In deluxe slipcase, as issued.

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(Ref: N5087)
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Price: 150.00

Buckley (Francis): The Watch and Clock Makers of Northumberland and Durham of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Recorded in Newspapers, Directories etc.
O/P. 11 pages, 1930. An early paper on the Northumberland and Durham makers contained in a volume of learned society transactions. Good copy. (Ref: K5095 - Q2)

Price: 15.00

Bundock (M.): Herne Bay Clock Tower - A Descriptive History
O/P. 50 pages, illustrated, 2nd edition, 2016. The clock tower, 70 feet high, was completed in 1837, has 4 dials, and is still in use. The original movement by Moore & Sons of Clerkenwell was removed in 1971 and is now in the Clock Tower Information Centre. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K2523 - H2)

Price: 10.00

Carruthers (A.S.): James Carruthers (1788-1849) Clockmaker
O/P. 9 pages, 1959. A paper about the life of James Carruthers, contained in a volume of the Transactions of the Dumfriesshire Antiquarian Society. Carruthers worked for Blaylock in Carlisle prior to starting his own business in Dumfries in 1828, moving to Carlisle in 1833. Very good copy, thick card covers. (Ref: K3522 - Z1)

Price: 20.00

Chandlee (E.E.): Six Quaker Clockmakers
O/P. 260 pages, 163 figures, first edition, 1943. An interesting study of the six clockmakers (Abel Cottey and 5 members of the Chandlee family) who worked in Nottingham on the Maryland/Pennsylvania border in the late seventeenth and all of the eighteenth century. Cottey, trained in England, was Pennsylvania's first clockmaker. A very good copy complete with original slip case (the latter now with some splits and wear). (Ref: K5088 - A2)

Price: 55.00

Cheetham (F.H.): Notes on Some Ormskirk Clockmakers
O/P. 10 pages, 1 plate, 1937. A short paper contained in a hardback volume of learned transactions published by the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. This is an interesting article about clock makers in this Lancashire town. The volume also has a paper about Anthony Wilkinson of Ormskirk, a gold-balance maker. Very good copy. (Ref: K579 - X2)

Price: 30.00

Clark (B.E.) & Clark (M.A.): William Clark, Clockmaker of Kendal, 1716 - 1763
O/P. Pages 135 - 160, 4 plates, 2 figs., 1992. A well researched and detailed account of the life and work of William Clark of Kendal who was apprenticed to Isaac Hadwen, also of Kendal. 22 clocks by Clark are known and described here. This article is contained in a volume of Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Archaeological Society. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K1520 - F2)

Price: 25.00

Collins (P.R.): Barographs
O/P. 146 pages, illustrated, 2002. An excellent book illustrating the development of mercury and aneroid barographs from their origins until today. The book is very useful for dating barographs and also has a chapter on their care and maintenance. Fine copy, soft covers. (Ref: K1676 - G5)

Price: 8.00

Cook (H.): The Clockmakers of Newark-on-Trent, with Notes on Some of their Contemporaries
O/P. Pages 323 - 338, 4 plates, 1912. An early study of Newark and a few other Nottinghamshire clockmakers. This item is one chapter in a book about Old Nottinghamshire. A good copy, original cloth. (Ref: K1859 - V2)

Price: 35.00

Drachman (S.R.): An Early 18th Century Lacquered Longcase Clock by Hugh Davis of Speake
O/P. 17 pages, 20 illustrations, 2003. An article in an edition of the NAWCC Bulletin. This is the only known source of information about Hugh Davis of Speke (near Liverpool), an otherwise unknown clockmaker. Fine copy, soft covers. (Ref: K5092 - A2)

Price: 10.00

Feek P.G.: Church Clocks of Worcestershire and Further Notes on Worcestershire Church Clocks
O/P. 9 pages, 1 plate, 1952; and 5 pages, 8 plates, 1955. Two interesting papers in a publication of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society; useful information for turret clock enthusiasts. Very good copy, paper covers. (Ref: K5089 - C1)

Price: 25.00

Foulkes (R.K.) & Allix (C.P.): Daniel Quare (1649 - 1724) Clockmaker to George I
O/P. 9 pages, 3 illustrations, 1949. A useful paper on the life and work of Daniel Quare, contained in a volume of Argentor published by the National Jewellers' Association, London. Good copy boards a bit worn and warped. (Ref: K5091 - C3)

Price: 20.00

Fried (H. B.): Bench Practices for Watch and Clockmakers
O/P. 260 pages, figs., 2nd edition, 1997. This reprint of Henry Fried's excellent book will be of use to all amateur and professional watch and clock makers/restorers. The author was a master craftsman and presents several methods for many workshop tasks. A very good copy of the hardback edition. (Ref: K624 - Q2)

Price: 50.00

Girardier (S.): The Worlds of Jaquet Droz - Horological Art and Artistic Horology

Girardier (S.): The Worlds of Jaquet Droz - Horological Art and Artistic Horology
NEW. 247 pages, 159 colour and b&w illustrations, 2021. The famous Swiss watchmakers, Jaquet Droz, made clocks, androids, birdcages, pocket watches and snuff boxes all with automata and musical trains which are highly prized by enthusiasts. This new book delves into the history of the business and its products, 300 years after the birth of its founder Pierre Jaquet-Droz. With dust jacket. (Ref: N5083)
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Price: 79.50
Gould (R.T.): The Marine Chronometer its History and Development

Gould (R.T.): The Marine Chronometer its History and Development
O/P. 287 pages, 39 plates, 85 figures, 1973. The classic work on marine chronometers and, over 90 years later, still the best starting point for all those interested in the detailed history of the chronometer, and its pioneers - John Harrison, Thomas Mudge, Thomas Earnshaw and John Arnold. A good copy of the Holland Press edition, the dust jacket complete but with several small tears, and some fading and staining. (Ref: K714 - Q1)

Price: 25.00

Hobbs (J. L.): Former Clock and Watch Makers of North Lonsdale
O/P. Pages 100 - 124, 1 plate, 1958. A useful article in the Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, the paper contains a list of makers with biographical information. North Lonsdale is the area of Lancashire (pre 1974) north of the river Kent and Morecambe Bay. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3516 - A1)

Price: 45.00

Kochmann (K.): Clock & Watch Trademark Index of European Origin
O/P. 989 pages, 2001. This is the latest edition of this essential reference book and the preliminary notes are given in English, French and German. Trademarks are listed/illustrated by country of origin with a complete alphabetical and symbol index at the end. This edition has chapters on electric and electronic clocks (in English, French and German) with a listing of trademarks and patents. Nicely bound in black imitation leather with gilt lettering. A fine copy, appears never to have been used. (Ref: K806 - X2)

Price: 40.00

Lonsdale (H.): George Graham Clockmaker
O/P. 66 pages, portrait, 1875. A paper on the Cumberland origins and the life of George Graham, contained within a volume on The Worthies of Cumberland. The book also has a portrait and 33-page paper on Edward Troughton the famous mathematical instrument maker. Very good copy, original binding, cloth now a little worn. (Ref: K6090 - E5)

Price: 20.00

Molesworth (G.L.): Pocket Book of Useful Formul for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers (27th edition)
O/P. 936 pages, figures, 1915. A fascinating insight into the engineer's world of 100 years ago when the slide rule was king and the computer had not been invented. A good copy, owners stamp on endpapers and page block, soft leather covers.
(Ref: K5097 - W2)

Price: 9.00

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