Stock No. C1076

Price: 5,200


A mahogany bow-front stick barometer
by  Richard & Henry Frankham, London c1845

  • A mahogany bow-front stick barometer with thermometer, signed on the silvered register plates Frankham 12 Wilson Stt Grays Inn Rd London.
  • The barometer has a boxwood cistern; the scale is calibrated from 27 to 31 inches of mercury and is fitted with a vernier operated by a bone knob.
  • The mahogany veneered case which conceals the tube has a turned and ebonised cistern cover and curved glass over the pressure and temperature scales.
  • The Fahrenheit mercury thermometer has a silvered scale reading from -10 to 130 degrees.
  • This instrument has a replacement boxwood cistern and glass tube, and a replacement thermometer tube.
  • The barometer is 38 inches high.

Richard and Henry Frankham, barometer and thermometer makers, worked at 11 Wilson Street from 1829 until 1839 when the address changed to 12 Wilson Street. In 1855 the trading name changed to Frankham and Wilson at the same address.


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