Stock No. C1082

Price:  19,500


An 8-day walnut longcase clock
by William Webster, Exchange Alley, London c1730

  • An 8-day walnut longcase clock signed on a silvered plaque to the dial centre Wm Webster Exchange Alley London.
  • The nicely figured walnut veneered case is an early example of a clock without pillars to the hood; the canted corners having box wood stringing.
  • The trunk door also has box wood stringing, as does the base. The trunk sides are divided into two panels by crossbanding and stringing.
  • The clock stands on a double plinth and is 7 4 high.
  • The clock has a 5-pillar movement and anchor escapement.
  • The clock strikes the hours on a bell and has a strike/silent feature in the arch.

William Webster completed his apprenticeship with Thomas Tompion and became free of the Clockmakers Company in 1710.

Webster started his business in Exchange Alley in 1711 and died in 1735; the business continued, passing from father to son, for almost 200 years.


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