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A fine 8-day marine chronometer 
by  M. F. Dent, London c1905

  • A fine 8-day marine chronometer in its original 3-tier mahogany box, signed on the silvered dial M. F. Dent, 34 Cockspur St. Chronometer Maker to the King. London. 31231.
  • The mahogany 3-tier box has brass corners, a brass plaque to the upper lid with monogram, and recessed brass handles. The middle tier has a bone label engraved M. F. Dent 31231 London. The chronometer is complete with its original mahogany deck box with leather straps (the deck box with 2 splits in top surface). The chronometer is complete with its original winding key.  
  • Box size: 8¼ x 8¼ x 8¾ 5nches high; deck box: 11 x 11 x 10¾ inches high.
  • The chronometer has subsidiary dials for seconds and state of wind, and gold hour and minute hands.
  • The chronometer has an Earnshaw type spring detent escapement and the balance is fitted with Poole’s auxiliary compensation for middle temperature error.
  • The movement plates and the escapement sub-frames are all numbered 5761 as is the bowl (internally).  

When Edward John Dent died in 1853 his business was split between his two stepsons who both adopted the surname Dent. Richard Edward Dent inherited the Cockspur Street business which passed to his wife, Marianna Frederica Dent, when he died in 1856.

The business continued as M. F. Dent until 1920 when it merged with E. Dent & Co. Ltd. Dent records indicate that chronometer movement number 31231 was made by John Hammersley in 1894, the serial number on the movement, 5761, being Hammersley’s number. Hammersley was a fine practical horologist, he died in 1901.


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