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A Curta calculator c1967

  • A type II Curta calculator, complete with its original plastic canister case. The underside of the Curta is marked Type II No 544342 Made in Liechtenstein (Customs Union with Switzerland) by Contina Ltd Mauren System Curt Herzstark. The calculator is sold with its original two Curta instruction manuals and original cardboard box.  
  • The calculator has 11 digits for data entry, an 8-digit revolution counter, and a 15-digit result counter. Type II Curta calculators started production in 1954 with serial number 500,000 this example was made circa 1967, not long before production ceased in 1971. The calculator is in good working order and in excellent condition, the manuals are in good condition but the original box is very worn.
  • The Curta, a small hand-cranked mechanical calculator, was designed by Curt Herzstark and first introduced in 1947, the larger type II version was introduced in 1954. The calculator has an extremely compact design and can be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and —with more difficulty— square roots and other mathematical operations.
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