Horological print of a turret clock           Horological print of a turret clock

Horological print of a turret clock          Horological print of a turret clock


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Plates 4, 5, 6 & 7 from Encyclopédie Méthodique, ou par ordre de Matières published in Paris in 1783

  • L'Horloge Horizontalle (Turret Clock).
  • A set of 4 good engravings of a turret clock. The plates were engraved by Benard (Benard direx).
  • Plate 4
    Horlogerie, Plan de L'Horloge Horizontalle
    A three train turret clock, the left hand train striking the quarter hours on two bells and the right hand train striking the hours on one bell. The centre train is the going train, two escape wheels are shown but no pendulum. Note the lead off work, to a single dial, at the bottom of the plate.
  • Plate 5 
    Horlogerie, Profils du Mouvement de L'Horloge Horizontale
    Figure 3 of this plate shows the going train and pendulum with the lead off work to the dial on the right.
  • Plate 6
    Horlogerie, Horloge Horizontale, Sonnerie des Quarts
    The top figure shows the quarter striking train. The count wheel, numbered 1 to 4 is mounted on the great wheel arbor. The lower view shows one of the levers, operated by pins on the great wheel, for the strike.
  • Plate 7
    Horlogerie, Sonnerie des Heures de L'Horloge Horizontalle
    This plate shows the hour striking train, in the lower figure the count wheel for the hour strike can be seen as well as the fly for regulating the speed of the train.
  • Modern frames and mounts.


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