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Last updated 26 November 2023

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Aked (C.K.): A New Opusculum of Dialling References
O/P. 186 pages, 1997. A bibliography, with over 3,200 references, to books and articles on dialling listed alphabetically by author. Many of the entries have useful short notes about the author or the content. A fine copy, card covers, spiral bound. (Ref: K4386 - N2)

Price: 20.00

Aked (C.K.): Dialling References in Antiquarian Horology December 1953 - December 1989
O/P. 19 pages, 1990. A list of articles and references to dials and dialling, each with a brief synopsis. A good copy, card covers. (Ref: K2362 - BX13)

Price: 10.00

Aked (J.R.): Orbis Sensualium Pictus
O/P. [5 pages], 7 figs, reprinted from Antiquarian Horology, 1976. Orbis Sensualium Pictus, an educational book for children, was written in 1658 by John Commenius and translated into English the following year. This paper explores the dialling content. Very good copy, paper covers. (Ref: K3553 - BX11)

Price: 4.00

Artissime: L'Art populaire dans le Brianconnais: les Cadrans Solaires
O/P. 62 pages, illustrated, 1996. A republication of the complete second edition of this work on sundials by Raphaël Blanchard published in Paris in 1901, with notes, notices and accompanying texts by Artissime. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K5022 - BX18)

Price: 10.00

Clarke (T.N.), Morrison-Low (A.D.) & Simpson (A.D.C.): Brass & Glass, Scientific Instrument Making Workshops in Scotland
O/P. 320 pages, illustrated, 1989. An excellent book, the result of many years of detailed research and of great use to clock enthusiasts for its chapters on the chronometer makers Alexander Dobbie, Duncan McGregor, Kelvin White, and Whyte Thomson & Co. Barometer collectors will want this book for its information about Alexander Adie and his successors including English branches of the business. Sundial enthusiasts are not forgotten, there is a chapter on Richard Melville and his slate sundials. The book's illustrations are of instruments in the Museum's Arthur Frank Collection, and this copy of the book has a presentation inscription signed by Arthur Frank on the title page. Recommended reading. A very good copy. Soft covers. (Ref: K2093 - N2)

Price: 70.00

Cowham (M.): A Dial In Your Poke (1st edition)

Cowham (M.): A Dial In Your Poke
NEW. 212 pages, well illustrated in colour, 1st edition, 2004. A good book about pocket sundials of all types with detailed explanations of how to use them. The book has useful appendices on caring for dials, fakes, magnetic deviation and museums with sundial collections. In case you are wondering 'he drew a dial from his poke' is a quotation from Shakespeare. With dust jacket. New copies, found in box at back of storeroom. (Ref: N417)

Price: 38.00

Dalton (O.M.) : A Portable Dial in the form of a book, with figures derived from Raymond Lul
O/P. [14 pages], 2 plates, 1925. A paper on a portable sundial, now in the British Museum, made in Rome in 1593. The article is contained in a volume of Archaeologia. Good copy. (Ref: K3267 - V3)

Price: 10.00

Daniel (C.St.J.H.): Clocks - The Sundial Page
O/P. Parts 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, each of about 30 pages. A compilation of photocopied articles originally published in Clocks Magazine, reproduced in this form 1998 - 2005. Sold with what I believe may be Part 1 of the series, but it has a different title. Useful reading for sundial enthusiasts, but the reproduction of the illustrations is poor. Very good condition, card covers. (Ref: K4358 - B1)

Price: 10.00

Daniel (C. St. J.H.): Sundials
O/P. 56 pages, illus., 2nd edition, 2004. A good inexpensive introduction to sundials. A fine copy. Card covers. (Ref: K3734 - BX6)

Price: 4.00

Daniel (C. St. J.H.): Sundials

Daniel (C. St. J.H.): Sundials
S/H. 32 pages, illustrated, 1986. A good inexpensive introduction to sundials. A fine copy. Card covers. (Ref: K1965 - D1)

Price: 2.50

Daniel (C. St. J.H.): Sundials
O/P. 56 pages, illus., 2nd edition, 2004. A good inexpensive introduction to sundials. A fine copy. Card covers. (Ref: K3734 - BX6)

Price: 4.00

Gotteland (A.) & Camus (G.): Sundials in Paris
O/P. 29 pages, 1995. A useful guide to public sundials in Paris, translated from Cadrans Solaires de Paris by Walker and Wells for use on a British Sundial Society visit to Paris in 1995. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3695 - BX11)

Price: 5.00

Gouk (P.): The Ivory Sundials of Nuremberg 1500 - 1700
O/P. 144 pages, 18 plates, 131 figures, 1988. A comprehensive study of the Nuremberg ivory diptychs including why they are made of ivory, how they work, who made them and the market for them. The final 30 pages are a catalogue of an exhibition of 61 dials, held at Cambridge in 1988. Fine copy (with Francis Wadsworth's bookplate inside front cover), card covers. (Ref: K1952 - N2)

Price: 15.00

Green (A.R.): Sundials Incised Dials or Mass-Clocks
O/P. 203 pages, figs., 16 plates, 1926. This is one of the classic works on scratch dials - a study of the time-markers of medieval churches, containing descriptions, photographs, diagrams and analysis of dials, chiefly in Hampshire, but also in various other English counties. A very good copy, cloth slightly rubbed. (Ref: K1759 - G2)

Price: 50.00

Henslow (T.G.W.): Ye Sundial Booke
O/P. 422 pages, illustrated, 1935. A delightful book with sketches of sundials (mainly in Great Britain), verses for sundials, the setting of a sundial and a brief history of the sundial. With foreword by Beverley Nichols. A very good copy. (Ref: K3591 - R1)

Price: 30.00

Herbert (A.P.): Sundials Old and New
O/P. 198 pages, 15 plates, 1st edition, 1967. A practical book on dialling, explaining the science of dials and their construction. A good copy, with good dust jacket. (Ref: K1974 - K1)

Price: 40.00

Higton (H.): Sundials at Greenwich

Higton (H.): Sundials at Greenwich
O/P. 463 pages, 450 b&w illus., 16 pages colour illus., 2002. The first part of the book is about sundials and their history, the second part is a detailed catalogue of the sundials, nocturnals and horary quadrants in the National Maritime Museum, which has a world-class collection. This and Higton's book on portable dials will be the standard reference works for many years to come. A fine copy with fine dust jacket and fine slipcase.

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(Ref: K2019 - A7)

Price: 225.00

Jenkins (G.) & Bear (M.): Sundials & Timedials
O/P. 8 pages of instructions and 15 sheets of A4 printed card for cutting out and making into 9 models. Published in 1987. Models include a nocturnal, two-sided equatorial sundial, a polar sundial and a solar compass. Very good copy card covers. (Ref: K908 - H4)

Price: 7.00

Leadbetter (C.):  Mechanik Dialling; or, the New Art of Shadows, ....

Leadbetter (C.): Mechanik Dialling; or, the New Art of Shadows, ....
O/P. xi + 148 pages (page size 21 x 12.5 cm), 12 plates, 1773. This is the 4th edition of Charles Leadbetter's well known work. As well as instructions for laying out dials the book has a collection of sundial mottos in English and Latin, the latitude of towns and cities around the world and instructions for painting sundials. This is a very good copy complete with all plates, in an 18th or 19th century full leather binding, neatly re-backed with contemporary spine, leather covered boards a bit rubbed, corners worn.

Order of plates: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 & X, XB, 11, 1 [a complete set - this is all the text calls for]

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(Ref: K3022 - M1)

Price: 225.00

Le Conte (D.) & Le Conte (D.): Guernsey Sundials
O/P. 48 pages, illustrated, 1st edition, 2004. A useful booklet on sundial, public and private, on the island of Guernsey. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K4271 - BX11)

Price: 9.00

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