Cardiff Clocks - A Comprehensive Account of Watch and Clockmakers in Cardiff, The Valleys and the Vale of Glamorgan

Author: William Linnard

80 pages + 44 page index, figs.

This book brings together scattered references to clockmakers in Cardiff and its region over a long period and includes a comprehensive list of some 800 craftsmen in Cardiff, the Vale and the Glamorgan valleys. There are also chapters explaining the main features of the longcase clock, now a popular collectors' item, and details of important clocks on display in museums and on public buildings.

As well as 30 colour pictures and a similar number of black and white drawings and photographs, the book includes a complete facsimile, with over 40 pages of illustrations, of a fascinating catalogue of clocks, watches and other items sold by a shopkeeper in the small coalfield town of Blaengarw, first published c. 1900.

Local historians, horologists and anyone who owns an old clock will find a wealth of interesting material in this book, which is based on extensive research.