A Concise Guide to the Clockmakers of Northallerton and their Clocks

Author: David F. Severs

339 pages, 42 plates, 10 figures, 1 map.

This is Dr David Severs' second book on the clockmakers of Northallerton. His first book - Northallerton's Clockmakers and his Successors - was published in 1998 in a limited edition which sold out within 3 months.

This concise guide is not a mere supplement to the first book. It is intended to stand in its own right as a source of information about the town's clockmakers and their clocks. Dr Severs covers comprehensively the fifty-five clockmakers, journeymen and apprentices known to have worked in the town.

Using as examples the 103 Northallerton clocks and watches which have come to light since he published his previous book he traces the development of long-case clocks through the brass-dial and painted-dial periods to their eventual decline. The book should be easily understood by readers new to the world of clocks but should also be of interest to clock enthusiasts.