The Musical Clock - Musical & Automaton Clocks and Watches
Author: A.W.J.G. Ord-Hume

352 pages, well illustrated in colour and b&w.

This book, by the leading authority on mechanical music of all kinds, is the first work to detail the history of the musical clock, not only in Britain and Continental Europe but also in the USA.

It deals with the various types of musical clocks, their styles and mechanisms, describing how they differ from chiming clocks, as well as discussing the tunes played and the composers who wrote the music specially for them. Automaton clocks, which are often associated with musical work, are also included, as are those masterpieces of miniaturisation - musical and automaton watches.

There is an extensive list of clockmakers worldwide who are known to have made musical clocks, and in many instances far more biographical information is given than has appeared in print before.

New research into the development of musical clocks and their makers is presented, as well as much information relating to the use of music in clocks. It is both the definitive book and the first on the subject.

This book is extensively illustrated with numerous diagrams and many photographs both in colour and black and white. Many of these are of important clocks which have never been illustrated before.