French Bronze Clocks, 1700 - 1830 A Study of the Figural Images

Author: Elke Niehuser

267 pages, well illustrated in colour and black and white.

French bronze pendulum clocks not only tell the time with great precision but also depict magnificent sculptures which more or less relate to time, especially heroes and gods of Greek and Roman mythology. These are the special subject of this book. Also included are clocks with images of American Indian and African origin and inhabitants of exotic countries. Here the fascinating text and more than 300 beautiful photographs of these special clocks are presented and explained in detail. The author identifies the underlying stories being depicted on each clock and its stylistic importance, makers, and individual characteristics.

Another 1365 individual clocks from the Louis XV to the Empire periods are illustrated separately along with literature references which are listed at the end of the section. This catalogue will asist the collector, dealer or auctioneer in researching a particular pendulum clock.