Collins (P.R.): Care and Restoration of Barometers

Care and Restoration of Barometers

Author: Philip R. Collins

152 pages, 175 illustrations

In this second edition of Care and Restoration of Barometers Philip Collins draws on almost 40 years experience of working on antique barometers to show how to restore old instruments and thus increase their attractiveness, usefullness and value. With the aid of some 175 illustrations, he describes in detail the steps involved in restoring a wheel barometer from first dismantling the instrument, through the cleaning and repair of parts, refitting the mercury tube, case repair and refinishing to final assembly. Separate chapters deal with the special problems that can arise with stick or cistern tube barometers, aneroid barometers and barographs. Advice is also given on how to handle and maintain antique barometers once restored.