Precision Pendulum Clocks - France, Germany, America, and Recent Advancements

Author: Derek Roberts

288 pages, profusely illustrated.

This long-awaited volume chronicles the horological work carried out in France, Germany, and North America and completes the fascinating history of precision timekeeping in recent time.

In France, renowned clockmakers include Berthoud, the Lepautes, Robin, Janvier, Lepine, LeRoy and Leroy, Bourdier, Jacot and Jrossay.

In Germany the primary emphasis is on Riefler, and Strasser and Rhode, but the work of other important makers are also considered.

America's contribution to precision timekeeping is chronicled including the works of Seth Thomas, Charles Fasoldt, William Bond and Son Co., E. Howard and Co. and others.

Recent advancements in timekeeping include W5, a clock created by Philip Woodward and the Littlemore clock of Professor Hall, almost certainly the most accurate pendulum controlled clock the world has known.

Over 500 beautiful color and black-and-white photographs illustrate the historical contributions of these eminent clockmakers.