Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair

Author: Mick Watters

160 pages, 180 figures

There are many thousands of different calibres of watch in existence today, most of which can be put into the following categories: ordinary 15 jewel lever, stop watch, automatic, chronograph, quartz analogue, quartz liquid crystal display, and the older types of pocket watch.

Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair covers the complete overhaul of at least one typical example of each type of watch, in addition to other calibres, which should enable the reader to confidently overhaul many thousands of watches. The book is written for both novice and experienced repairers, and clears up some of the uncertainties that exist amongst even experienced watch repairers.

The text includes:

Making an ideal work bench

The complete overhaul of ten different calibres of watch

Watch lubrication

Positional timekeeping

Basic electricity and magnetism for electronic watches

Escapement theory