Clock and Watch Repairing

Author: Donald de Carle

309 pages, 248 figures

This profusely illustrated volume forms a step-by-step instruction manual on the repair of mechanical clocks and watches. Donald de Carle was a Fellow of the British Horological Institute, and the author of many standard works on the subject of horology, who based his writings on many years of practical experience.

The work is progressive, beginning with simple clocks and watches and proceeding to the more complicated types. The tools and apparatus needed are described and illustrated. The clocks dealt with are mainly the more modern types of mechanical clock but attention is given also to movements of the older long case and fusee types, as many of them are now being repaired as a result of the great interest shown in antique clocks. The chapters on watch repairing deal with chronographs and repeaters as well as self-winding mechanisms.

The latest developments in ultrasonic cleaning of horological movements and their electronic timing are described and illustrated.

This work will prove an invaluable guide to all concerned with the repair not only of clocks and watches but also of small mechanisms in general.