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As I write this the sun is shining, looking out of the window I can see lots of spring flowers, the UK vaccination program is going well and Ros and I are both fit and well and fully back at work. Roll on Spring and Summer.

We have 3 new books to tempt you with this month, a book about Gothic clocks by John Robey, a new edition of Barographs by Philip Collins, and a reprint of The Art of Breguet by George Daniels, long out of print and always in demand.

Just a reminder to EU clients - from January 1st, buyers of parcels from England will be charged VAT (sales tax) at the point of import (this the same as has always happened when buying items from outside the EU).

New Books:

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Gothic Clocks to Lantern Clocks - Short Duration Clocks & Rural Clocks 1480 - 1800
John Robey

NEW. An excellent new book on a neglected subject, charting the development of early domestic clocks in central Europe, Italy, France and the Low Countries, Sweden and England; and their continuation in rural areas as short duration clocks, some with iron frames, others of brass. The book has a wealth of illustrations showing the mechanical and constructional details of the clocks as well as dials and movements. With dust jacket.

360 pages, over 1,700 colour illustrations, 2021.

£65.00 Order Here

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The Art of Breguet
George Daniels

NEW. Long out of print, this much needed reprint makes Daniels' standard reference work, about the life and work of Abraham Louis Breguet and his successors, available to a new generation of enthusiasts and collectors. With dust jacket.

394 pages, well illustrated with 427 b&w illustrations and 12 colour plates, reprinted with a foreword by Emmanuel Breguet, 2021.

£95.00 Order Here

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Philip R. Collins

NEW. The author traces the development of the barograph from the earliest recording devices through their heyday in the Victorian period to the instrument we know today. This well researched book will help readers to understand and appreciate the wide range of barographs still available and assist in dating them. This new edition is 28 pages longer than the long out of print first edition and has a lot more information about maintenance and repair. Paperback.

174 pages, illustrated, second edition, 2021.

£12.95 Order Here

Albright (F.P.): Johann Ludwig Eberhardt and his Salem Clocks
NEW. £20.00 Order Here

[Ansonia]: The Ansonia Clock Company Catalogue 1894
NEW. £15.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Baker (G.L.): Seven Tales of the Pendulum
NEW. £25.00 Order Here

Bell (D.A.): The Watch and Clock Makers of Northern Ireland
NEW. £40.00 Order Here

Doerr (E.) & Baumgarten (R.): Twelve Faces of Time - Horological Virtuosos
NEW. £70.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Ermert (J.): Präzisionspendeluhren in Deutschland von 1730 bis 1940 Volume 1
NEW. £140.00 less 10% Order Here

Galizia (M.): Military Wristwatches - Sky, Land, Sea
NEW. £90.00 Order Here

Kreuzer (A.): Omega Designs
NEW. £57.99 Order Here

Miles (R.H.A.): Synchronome - Masters of Electrical Timekeeping
NEW. £45.00 Order Here

Niemann (H.): The Beauty of Time - The Watches of A. Lange & Sohne
NEW. £30.99 Order Here

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Lexicon der Deutschen Uhrenindustrie 1850 - 1980
Hans Heinrich Schmid

NEW. This book is the standard reference work on the German industrial watch and clock making industry, now much expanded in a second edition. The first volume is an alphabetical listing of 2360 firms with brand names, trademarks and dates etc. illustrated. The second volume gives more detailed information on 480 of the firms listed in volume 1. Also in volume 2 is an alphabetical list of all companies included, and a detailed bibliography.[German language]

2 volumes each of 496 pages, 2nd edition, 2012.

£85.00 Order Here

Smith (S.) & Son Limited: Motor Accessories Catalogue 1910
NEW. £12.00 Order Here

Thorpe (N.M.): The French Marble Clock
NEW. £40.00 Order Here

Wiles (M.W.): Maintaining and Repairing Mechanical Watches - A Practical Guide
NEW. £25.00 Order Here

Out of Print Books:

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L'Échappement A Cylindre (1720 -1950) - Le Haut-Doubs, centre mondial au XIXe siècle
Henry L. Belmont

O/P. A comprehensive study of the history and development of the cylinder escapement and its manufacture. The book describes the tools and manufacturing processes used in the 19th century in the Haut-Doubs area of France where production was concentrated. This is the standard reference work on this subject and is now hard to find. A good clean copy, corners a little bumped and covers a little marked. [French language]

328 pages, figures, 1984.

£90.00 Order Here * One copy only *

[Antiquorum]: The Art of Patek Philippe Calibre 89
O/P. £40.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Beeson (C.F.C.): English Church Clocks 1280 - 1850 Their History and Classification
O/P. £95.00 Order Here

Berner (G.-A.): Dictionnaire Professionnel Illustré de L'Horlogerie (in 4 languages)
O/P. £95.00 Order Here * Two copies only *

Chapuis (A.) & Gelis (E.): Le Monde des Automates, Etude Historique et Technique (2 volumes, leather bound)
O/P. £975.00 less 10 % Order Here * One copy only *

Dawson (P.G.): The Iden Clock Collection
O/P. £50.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Earnshaw (T.): Longitude. An Appeal to the Public: stating Mr Thomas Earnshaw's Claim to the Original Invention of the Improvements in his Timekeepers
O/P. £195.00 less 10% Order Here

Guyot (E.): Histoire de la Détermination des Longitudes
O/P. £50.00 Order Here * Two copies only *

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La misura del tempo - L'antico splendore dell'orologeria italiana dal XV al XVIII secolo
Guiseppe Brusa

O/P. This book Time measurement, the ancient splendor of Italian clockwork from the XV to the XVIII century was written to record an exhibition of the same name held in Trento, Italy in 2005. The book has over 300 pages containing more than 20 essays by well known horologists, followed by a detailed catalogue of the exhibition - over 300 pages with 340 clocks and watches, all described and illustrated in colour. A fine copy. [Italian language]

669 pages, illustrated, 2005.

£125.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Hawkes (A.J.): The Clockmakers & Watchmakers of Wigan 1650 - 1850
O/P. £120.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Hohmann (F.L.): Timeless Masterpiece American Brass Dial clocks
O/P. £40.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Matthey (J.P.): Le Pendulier Neuchâtelois
O/P. £20.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Odmark (A.L.): Patents for Inventions Abridgements of Specifications Class 139 Watches, Clocks and Other Timepieces 1855 - 1930 (2 volumes)
O/P. £120.00 less 10% Order Here * Two copies only *

Patrizzi (O.): Rolex - Collecting Modern and Vintage Wristwatches (2 volumes)
O/P. £495.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Randier (J.): Marine Navigation Instruments
O/P. £15.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Saunier (C.): Treatise on Modern Horology in Theory & Practice (First edition 1880, leather bound)
O/P. £195.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Smith (W.R.): Clockmaking Tools and techniques
O/P. £25.00 Order Here * One copy only *

photograph of book

The Clockmakers of Bristol 1650 - 1900
James Moore

O/P. A well researched reference book with a wealth of information about the clockmakers of Bristol and Bath, over 3000 craftsmen are listed. The quality of the illustrations is not good as the book was published by the author. This is however the best reference book for Bristol makers and is now very hard to find. A fine copy with fine dust jacket.

507 pages, illustrated, 1999.

£350.00 less 10% Order Here

Turner (A.J.): The Time Museum: Time Measuring Instruments: Astrolabes, Astrolabe Related Instruments
O/P. £110.00 less 10% Order Here * Two copies only *

Vulliamy (D.G.): The Vulliamy Clockmakers

O/P. £75.00 Order Here

Wilson (G.), Cohen (D.H.), Ronfort (J.N.), Augarde (J.-D.) & Freiss (P.): European Clocks in the J. Paul Getty Museum
O/P. £24.00 Order Here * One copy only *

This month we have totally refreshed our special offers page so do have a look to see if there is anything you need.

Please do let us know if there are any books you are looking for and we will try to find them for you.

With best wishes,

Jeff & Ros Formby

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