This month hot off the press, and due to arrive next week, we have a new book about Jaquet Droz, their history and automata which should be interesting. Also due in stock is a new and updated edition of Breguet, Watchmakers Since 1775 by Emmanuel Breguet.

New arrivals also include several unusual items on British clockmakers, see the new arrivals page.

New Books:

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The Worlds of Jaquet Droz - Horological Art and Artistic Horology
Sandrine Girardier

NEW. The famous Swiss watchmakers, Jaquet Droz, made clocks, androids, birdcages, pocket watches and snuff boxes all with automata and musical trains which are highly prized by enthusiasts. This new book delves into the history of the business and its products, 300 years after the birth of its founder Pierre Jaquet-Droz.

248 pages, 159 colour and b&w illustrations, 2021.

£79.50 Order Here

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Breguet, Watchmakers Since 1775
Emmanuel Breguet

NEW. The book's subtitle - the life and legacy of Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747 - 1823) tells us what to expect. Originally published in 1997, this book became a classic among horology enthusiasts and is a good history of the business from its beginnings to today. This updated edition is complete with new images, illustrations, and additional pages on the historic pieces acquired by the Breguet Museum since 2000. In deluxe box, as issued.

452 pages, 512 illustrations, English language edition, 2017.

£150.00 less 10 % Order Here

Collins (P.R.): Barographs
NEW. £12.95 Order Here

Daniels (G.): The Art of Breguet
NEW. £95.00 Order Here

Galizia (M.): Military Wristwatches - Sky, Land, Sea
NEW. £90.00 Order Here

Hoke (D.R.): The Time Museum Historical Catalogue of American Pocket Watches
NEW. £85.00 Order Here

Kent (P.) & Chapman (A.) Editors: Robert Hooke and the English Renaissance
NEW. £10.00 Order Here

Mehltretter (J.M.): Patek Philippe: Cult Object and Investment
NEW. £103.99 less 10% Order Here

Ogle (V.): The Global Transformation of Time: 1870-1950
NEW. £32.95 Order Here

Ortenburger (R.): Black Forest Clocks
NEW. £66.50 Order Here

Pingree (D.): Eastern Astrolabes
NEW. £27.50 Order Here

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Gothic Clocks to Lantern Clocks - Short Duration Clocks & Rural Clocks 1480 - 1800
John Robey

NEW. An excellent new book on a neglected subject, charting the development of early domestic clocks in central Europe, Italy, France and the Low Countries, Sweden and England; and their continuation in rural areas as short duration clocks, some with iron frames, others of brass. The book has a wealth of illustrations showing the mechanical and constructional details of the clocks as well as dials and movements. The six appendices include a translation of an Italian treatise on clocks (published in 1665), and details of English lantern clocks with an original balance. With dust jacket.

360 pages, over 1,700 colour illustrations, 2021.

£65.00 Order Here

Shevlin (C.C.): Guilloché - A History & Practical Manual
NEW. £33.99 Order Here

Trueb (L.F.), Ramm (G.) & Wenzig (P.): Electrifying the Wristwatch
NEW. £95.99 Order Here

White (I.): English Clocks for the Eastern Markets - English Clockmakers Trading in China & the Ottoman Empire 1580 - 1815
NEW. £75.00 Order Here

Out of Print Books:

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The Art of British Horology

O/P. A fine selection of items from an early pocket watch by George Smith, circa 1610, through the following 350 years to a fine silver cased carriage clock made circa 1974. The catalogue is a useful reference as it has brief biographies of the more important makers and describes and illustrates some fine pocket watches, clocks and marine chronometers. A good clean copy but covers marked and small cut to paper covering on spine. [Sale @ Geneva 21/10/1995]

263 lots, all illustrated in colour.

£45.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Barraud (E.M.): Barraud, The Story of a Family
O/P. £85.00 Order Here * Two copies only *

Bion (M.): The Construction and Principal Uses of Mathematical Instruments
O/P. £75.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Blaise (C.): Time Lord, Sir Sandford Fleming and the Creation of Standard Time
O/P. £8.00 Order Here * Two copies only *

Chandlee (E.E.): Six Quaker Clockmakers
O/P. £55.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Chapuis (A.): Pendules Neuchâteloises Documents Nouveaux 1931
O/P. £235.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Coole (P.G.) & Neumann (E.): The Orpheus Clocks
O/P. £15.00 Order Here

Crom (T.R.): Early Lancashire Horological Tools and their Makers
O/P. £195.00 less 10% Order Here

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Freemen of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers 1631 - 1984
George Daniels

O/P. A very useful book which has a brief history of the company followed by a list of all freemen and a list of Masters up to 1984, followed by a list of apprentices from 1931 (see Atkins for earlier apprentices). A good copy (binding a bit loose, owners initials on ffep) of a now hard to find book, with fair dust jacket.

133 pages, 1984.

£55.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Glennie (P.) & Thrift (N.): Shaping the Day A History of Timekeeping in England and Wales 1300-1800
O/P. £45.00 Order Here

Haspels (J.J.L.): Musical Automata - Catalogue of the automatic musical instruments in the National Museum 'From Musical Clock to Street Organ'
O/P. £85.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Howse (D.): Francis Place and the Early History of The Greenwich Observatory
O/P. £30.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Lyman (I.P.): Railway Clocks
O/P. £275.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Macquoid (P.): A History of English Furniture (4 volumes)
O/P. £395.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Maurice (K.) & Mayr (O.): The Clockwork Universe - German Clocks and Automata 1550 - 1650
O/P. £40.00 Order Here * Two copies only *

Mercer (V.): John Arnold & Son Chronometer Makers 1762 - 1843
O/P. £220.00 less 10% Order Here * Two copies only *

Mondani (F.) & MondaniI (G.): 100 Years of Rolex 1908 - 2008
O/P. £150.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

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Ruth Belville - The Greenwich Time Lady
David Rooney

O/P. An interesting book telling the story of how the Belville family sold accurate time to their subscribers in central London from 1836 to 1940 using an 18th century pocket chronometer. Fine copy with fine dust jacket.

192 pages, illustrated, 2008.

£18.00 Order Here * Three copies only *

Salomons (D.L.): Breguet (1747 - 1823) 1921
O/P. £325.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Snell (M.): Clocks and Clockmakers of Salisbury - 600 Years of Skill and Invention

O/P. £50.00 Order Here

Wise (S.J.): Electric Clocks
O/P. £35.00 Order Here

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