Many countries are making good progress with Covid vacinations so we can start looking forward to a much better Summer, and if you need some books to read then we can help. We have no new publications to announce this month but I have listed below lots of new and out of print titles to tempt you with.

New Books:

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Innovation & Collaboration - The Early Development of the Pendulum Clock in London
Richard Garnier & Leo Hollis

NEW. Written to coincide with an exhibition held in London in September 2018, this book explores the innovation surrounding the development of the early pendulum clock in London and the lines of collaboration that made it happen. The book has chapters on 17th Century clockmaking in London, architectural clock cases, the Fromanteel Family and Cornelius Drebbel, a previously unrecognised influence on the Fromanteels; followed by excellent full colour photographs and descriptions of each of the 119 exhibits dating from circa 1500 to circa 1725. This beautifully produced, deluxe half-leather bound, signed and numbered, edition has a red leather spine and corners with red cloth covered boards, the spine with gilt lettering and gilt lines, all page edges gilt.

412 pages, illustrated, deluxe edition limited to 125 copies, signed by authors, 2018.

£470.00 less 10% Order Here

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Elgin Trench Watches of the Great War
Stan Czubernat

NEW. The story of the wristwatches made by the Elgin National Watch Company that accompanied US Army troops into the trenches in World War 1. The book covers the company history and then describes the various models (with rarity and price guide in US dollars) made during the conflict. With dust jacket.

176 pages, 440 illustrations, 2015.

£55.00 Order Here

Breguet (E.): Breguet, Watchmakers Since 1775
NEW. £150.00 less 10% Order Here

Collins (P.R.): Barographs
NEW. £12.95 Order Here

Craven (M.): John Whitehurst: Innovator, Scientist, Geologist and Clockmaker
NEW. £30.00 Order Here

Cuss (T.P. Camerer): The English Watch 1585 - 1970
NEW. £95.00 Order Here

Daniels (G.): The Art of Breguet
NEW. £95.00 Order Here

Dowling (J.M.) & Hess (J.P.): The Best of Time - Rolex Wristwatches: An Unauthorised History
NEW. £119.99 less 10% Order Here

Frith (A.) & Smith (D.): The Great Clock of Beccles and Other Public Timepieces
NEW. £4.00 Order Here

Gee (B.): Francis Watkins and the Dollond Telescope Patent Controversy
NEW. £85.00 Order Here

Gibbons (A.): Chasing Time - Vintage Wristwatches for the Discerning Collector
NEW. £33.99 Order Here

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Maskelyne: Astronomer Royal
Rebecah Higgitt editor

NEW. Nevil Maskelyne (1732 - 1811) was a major figure in the worlds of British science and maritime exploration. This book looks at his contributions to science and astronomy as well as his role with the Board of Longitude and the longitude prize.

328 pages, illustrated, 2014.

£15.00 Order Here

Jendritzki (H.): Watch Adjustment
NEW. £75.00 Order Here

Kent (P.) & Chapman (A.) Editors: Robert Hooke and the English Renaissance
NEW. £10.00 Order Here

Ly (Tran Duy): Gilbert Clocks - with Supplement
NEW. £55.00 Order Here

Platt (J.G.): Lancashire Watch Company - History and Watches
NEW. £65.00 Order Here

Potts (M.S.): Potts of Leeds Five Generations of Clockmakers
NEW. £45.00 Order Here

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Carriage and Other Travelling Clocks
Derek Roberts

NEW. This book is just as useful as Allix's Carriage Clocks but concentrates on the more rare and more decorative items. Several of the better-known English makers each have a chapter devoted to them. A very useful reference book if you are interested in carriage clocks. With dust jacket.

368 pages, well illustrated in colour and b&w, 1993.

£95.99 Order Here

Robey (J.): Gothic Clocks to Lantern Clocks - Short Duration Clocks & Rural Clocks 1480 - 1800
NEW. £65.00 Order Here

Sabrier (J.-C.): Fredéréric Houriet - The Father of Swiss Chronometry
NEW. £125.00 less 10% Order Here

Wesolowski (Z.M.): A Concise Guide to Military Timepieces 1880 - 1990
NEW. £25.00 Order Here

Out of Print Books:

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The Quest for Longitude
William J. H. Andrewes(Editor)

O/P. This is a valuable, learned volume, being a record of the contributions to the Longitude Symposium held at Harvard University in 1993. The symposium was held to commemorate John Harrison's birth 300 years before, and is the best contribution to understanding Harrison and time keeping at sea since Quill's book, John Harrison, the Man who found Longitude, was published in 1966. A fine copy with very good dust jacket.

437 pages, illustrated, 2nd edition, 1998.

£40.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Beckett (Sir Edmund): A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks and Watches and Bells (7th edition, 1883)
O/P. £85.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Bennett, Cooper, Hunter & Jardine: London's Leonardo - the Life and Work of Robert Hooke
O/P. £20.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Bradley (I.): A History of Machine Tools
O/P. £20.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Bromley (J.): The Clockmakers' Library
O/P. £25.00 Order Here

Cescinsky (H.) & Webster (M.R.): English Domestic Clocks (leatherbound, 2nd edition, 1914)
O/P. £175.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Cousins ( F.W.): Sundials
O/P. £70.00 Order Here

Darken (J.) (editor): Horological Masterworks - English Seventeenth-Century Clocks from Private Collections (hardback edition)
O/P. £150.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

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Time & Place - English Country Clocks 1600 - 1840
Jeff Darken (editor)

O/P. The catalogue for an exhibition held by the Antiquarian Horological Society at the Museum of The History of Science in Oxford from 25 November 2006 until 15 April 2007. The catalogue describes and beautifully illustrates 67 clocks and includes a portrait of John Whitehurst. There are articles on the Greenhill clockmakers from Kent, John London of Bristol, John Watts of Stamford, James Woolley of Codnor, Henry Hindley of York, and Samuel Deacon of Barton-in-the-Beans. Very good copy, card covers.

260 pages, illustrated in colour, 2006.

£45.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Earnshaw (T.): Longitude. An Appeal to the Public: stating Mr Thomas Earnshaw's Claim to the Original Invention of the Improvements in his Timekeepers
O/P. £195.00 less 10% Order Here

Eder (N.): Beobachtungsuhren - Deck watches - Chronomètres de bord
O/P. £175.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Greenlaw (J.): Swansea Clocks - Watch and Clockmakers of Swansea and District (Llanelli, Llandeilo, Neath)
O/P. £40.00 Order Here * Two copies only *

Hohmann (F.L.): Timeless Masterpiece American Brass Dial clocks
O/P. £40.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Huber (M.) & Banbery (A.): Patek Philippe Geneve - Wristwatches
O/P. £195.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Hoopes (P.R.): Shop Records of Daniel Burnap Clockmaker
O/P. £80.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Jowett (J.): The Warning Carriers - How messengers of the Goldsmiths' Company warned the luxury trades of criminal activities in eighteenth-century London
O/P. £20.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Moore (A.J.): The Clockmakers of Bristol 1650 - 1900
O/P. £350.00 less 10% Order Here * Two copies only *

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Mercer Chronometers - Radical Tom Mercer and the House he Founded
Tony Mercer

O/P. This is an excellent book and the last 100 pages are an essential research tool being a listing of all known Mercer chronometers sold to retailers, ships chandlers etc., including date of sale, price and retailer's name and serial number as engraved on the chronometer dial. A very good copy of a scarce book, with good dust jacket (light wear to edges, one small tear).

xxiv, 251 pages, 24 colour plates, 68 b&w illus., 2nd edition, signed by author, 1978.

£350.00 less 10% Order Here * Two copies only *

Severs (D.F.): Northallerton's Clockmakers: Hugh Pannell and his Successors
O/P. £110.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Sully (H.): Règle Artificielle du Temps, Traité de la Division naturelle & artificielle du Temps, des Horloges & des Montres de différentes constructions

O/P. £195.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Wood (E.J.): Curiosities of Clocks and Watches from the Earliest Times (1st edition, 1866)
O/P. £60.00 Order Here * One copy only *

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L'Horloge Horizontalle (Turret Clock)

A set of four plates from the French Encyclopédie Méthodique, ou par ordre de Matières published in Paris in 1783 by Panckoucke.

The information and plates in this encyclopaedia are substantially the same as in the famous Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des Sciences des Arts et Métiers by Diderot & D’Alembert published between 1751 and 1772. Panckoucke's Encyclopédie Méthodique is a later expanded edition of Diderot & D'Alambert's work.

Was £325, now on special offer at £150.00 More information

That's all for this month, Spring is here (for those of us in the Northern hemisphere) so let's enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.

Please do let us know if there are any books you are looking for and we will try to find them for you.

With best wishes,

Jeff & Ros Formby

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