The holiday season is in full swing in Europe and North America, but with many people staying at home or within their own country because of the pandemic. Wherever you are, we have lots of books for your summer horological reading.

Listed below are some new and out of print titles which may be of interest.

New Books:

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Philip R. Collins

NEW. 174 pages, illustrated, second edition, 2021. The author traces the development of the barograph from the earliest recording devices through their heyday in the Victorian period to the instrument we know today. This well researched book will help readers to understand and appreciate the wide range of barographs still available and assist in dating them. This new edition is 28 pages longer than the long out of print first edition and has a lot more information about maintenance and repair as well as bellows, nibs, charts and ink. Paperback.

174 pages, illustrated, second edition, 2021.

£12.95 Order Here

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The English Watch 1585 - 1970
Terence P. Camerer Cuss

NEW. A book by a well respected author about English watches which are a unique alliance of art, design and inventive genius. The author divides the subject into 6 periods, all illustrated with excellent photographs of watches in Royal, Museum and private collections. The book also has a very useful glossary. This is the first book to cover all aspects of English watches from every period and will be of great use to all enthusiasts. With dust jacket.

503 pages, 295 watches illustrated by 830 colour illustrations, 14 figures, 2008.

£95.00 Order Here

Daniels (G.): The Art of Breguet
NEW. £95.00 Order Here

Daniels (G.): Watchmaking
NEW. £55.00 Order Here

Ly (Tran Duy): Gustav Becker Clocks - a Guide to Identification and Prices
NEW. £55.00 Order Here

McKay (C.) Editor: Bailey's Illustrated & Useful Inventions
NEW. £25.00 Order Here

Mehltretter (J.M.): Patek Philippe: Cult Object and Investment
NEW. £103.99 less 10% Order Here

Ord-Hume (A.W.J.G.): The Musical Box - A Guide for Collectors Including a Guide to Values
NEW. £66.50 Order Here

Osterhausen (F. von): Paul Ditisheim Chronometrier
NEW. £55.00 Order Here

Schaaf (B.): Schwarzwalduhren
NEW. £60.00 Order Here

Tennant (M.F.): The Art of the Painted Clock Dial
NEW. £75.00 Order Here

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The Thristle Clockmakers of Somerset 1765 - 1899 including James Cole of Stowey, John Millard of Stogursey and the Dial Makers Pyke of Bridgewater and Cox of Taunton
Nial & Deborah Woodford

NEW. An excellent book about the life and work of 4 generations of the Thristle family who made longcase clocks in several Somerset villages. The Thristles used painted dials by Pyke and Cox. The book also includes new information about James 'Conjuror' Cole of Nether Stowey who made 3 year-going longcase clocks and was father of the famous London clockmakers Thomas Cole and James Ferguson Cole. With dust jacket.

448 pages plus addendum sheet, illustrated, limited edition of 300 copies. 2012.

£19.50 Order Here

Out of Print Books:

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The Quest for Longitude
William J. H. Andrewes (Editor):

O/P. This is a valuable, learned volume, being a record of the contributions to the Longitude Symposium held at Harvard University in 1993. The symposium was held to commemorate John Harrison's birth 300 years before, and is the best contribution to understanding Harrison and time keeping at sea since Quill's book, John Harrison, the Man who found Longitude, was published in 1966. A fine copy with very good dust jacket.

437 pages, illustrated, 2nd edition, 1998.

£40.00 Order Here * Two copies only *

Belmont (H.L.): La Bulle-Clock Horlogerie Électrique
O/P. £95.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Bruce (W.): Early English Lantern Clocks 1615 - 1700
O/P. £22.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Cloutman (E.W.): English & Scottish Musical Clocks
O/P. £65.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Daly (A.): Ormskirk Clockmakers & Watchmakers
O/P. £110.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Earnshaw (T.): Longitude. An Appeal to the Public: stating Mr Thomas Earnshaw's Claim to the Original Invention of the Improvements in his Timekeepers (facsimile reprint)
O/P. £195.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

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The Art of the Gold Chaser in Eighteenth Century London
Richard Edgcumbe

O/P. 197 pages, 25 colour and 139 b&w illustrations, 2000. This is an excellent book and is the first detailed study of the chasing of watchcases and gold boxes in the eighteenth century. This book charts the international origins of the chasers, their training and techniques, the engraved sources for their designs, and their relationships with the patrons and watchmakers who commissioned their work. The chasers worked for all the leading watchmakers of the day including George Graham, the Ellicotts and Thomas Mudge. A fine copy with very good dust jacket.

197 pages, 25 colour and 139 b&w illustrations, 2000.

£175.00 less 10% Order Here * Two copies only *

Fried (H. B.): Bench Practices for Watch and Clockmakers
O/P. £50.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Harding (R.E.M.): The Metronome and its Precursors
O/P. £14.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Huygens (C): Horologium Oscillatorium (facsimile reprint)
O/P. £95.00 Order Here * Three copies in stock *

Leopold (J.H.): Astronomen Sterne Geräte - Landgraf Wilhelm IV und seine sich selbst bewegenden Globen
O/P. £175.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Lonsdale (H.): George Graham Clockmaker
O/P. £20.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Meis (R.): A. Lange & Söhne, the Watchmakers of Dresden
O/P. £75.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Mondani (F.) & MondaniI (G.): 100 Years of Rolex 1908 - 2008
O/P. £150.00 less 10% Order Here * One copy only *

Richter (B.): Breitling: The History of a Great Brand of Watches 1884 to the Present
O/P. £35.00 Order Here * One copy only *

Turner (A.J.): The Time Museum: Time Measuring Instruments: Astrolabes, Astrolabe Related Instruments
O/P. £110.00 less 10% Order Here * Two copies only *

As always, if there are any books you are looking for please let me know by email and I will do my best to find them for you. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.

With best wishes,

Jeff & Ros Formby

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