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Last updated 19 January 2018

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Abell (S.G.), Leggatt (J.) & Ogden (W.G.): A Bibliography of the Art of Turning & Lathe and Machine Tool History
O/P. 74 pages, 2nd edition, 1970. A bibliography of 338 books on the subject. A good copy. (Ref: K2628 - F7)

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Baker (P.H.J.): Early Lancashire Watch Fusee Engines

Baker (P.H.J.): Early Lancashire Watch Fusee Engines
NEW. [24 pages], 35 figs., 1994. An important paper, an offprint from Antiquarian Horology, on 18th century fusee engines including those by John Wyke of Liverpool. Card covers. (Ref: N1791)
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Baker (P.H.J.) & Law (R.J.): The English Watchmaker's Mandrel - its Origins and Development
O/P. [24 pages], illustrated, signed by Rodney Law, 1999. Two excellent articles, reprinted from Antiquarian Horology, about the watchmaker's mandrel - a specialised form of faceplate lathe used in the manufacture and repair of watches until the advent of the machine-made watch. A very good copy. Card covers. (Ref: K2244 - BX4)

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Bergeron (L.E.): Manuel du Tourneur  (3 volumes)

Bergeron (L.E.): Manuel du Tourneur (3 volumes)
O/P. Volume 1: viii, 432 pages + errata page, 30 folding plates, first edition, Paris 1792.
Volume 2: vi, 466 pages + errata page + 42 pages of additions to volumes 1 & 2, 42 folding plates, first edition, Paris 1796.
Page size 25 x 19.5 cm. A very good copy, complete with all plates; the plates of both volumes are now bound together in a 3rd volume. The text pages are generally very clean and bright but with light foxing to some pages, the plates have some foxing and dust staining mostly to the margins, one plate has a small tear. The volumes are leather bound, the original boards now re-backed with contemporary spine and corners, the leather on the boards worn. [French language]

The first edition, complete with all plates. This is one of the classic works on ornamental turning and was intended for the wealthy amateur at a period when ornamental turning was popular in France. It inspired and influenced many other authors for a hundred years. Each volume has the decorative stamp of a previous owner, W J P Chatto who lived at a mansion called the Daison near Torquay. He died in 1882.

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(Ref: K4325 - CR13)
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[Blakiston & Co.]: Wholesale Price List for Watch and Clock Makers, Jewellers, Opticians and Model makers
O/P. 31 pages, no date. A tools and materials wholesale price list including prices for watch repairs - e.g. new balance staffs from 5 shillings. The list includes the following statement: "Do not send cheap pin pallet or American Clocks, or cheap pin pallet Watches for repair. They are not worth doing" Blakiston & Co. were based in Ainsdale, near Southport and the booklet dates from the 1930's. Rare. Card covers worn and creased. (Ref: K3222 - BX16)

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Bradley (I.): A History of Machine Tools
O/P. 224 pages, illustrated, 1972. An interesting book on the history of lathes, milling, planing and shaping machines, drilling machines and sawing machines. A very good copy. (Ref: K4168 - S1)

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Crom (T.R.): Horological Shop Tools 1700 to 1900

Crom (T.R.): Horological Shop Tools 1700 to 1900
O/P. 678 pages, 1302 illustrations, 1980. This excellent volume is the standard work on horological tools by an expert who researched the subject thoroughly in Europe and America. This classic book is hard to find and recommended to all who are interested in the subject. A fine copy.

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(Ref: K744 - CR12)
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Crom (T.R.): Horological Wheel Cutting Engines 1700 to 1900

Crom (T.R.): Horological Wheel Cutting Engines 1700 to 1900
O/P. 150 pages, 142 figs., 3rd impression, 1982. A well researched and comprehensive study of English, European and American wheel cutting engines. The book includes engines for cutting clock and watch wheels. A very good copy of the hardback edition. (Ref: K347 - A3)
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[Daoust (R.)]: British Made Goods for the Watchmaker and Jeweller
O/P. 71 pages, illustrated, no date. A catalogue, dating from the 1960's, of tools and parts for watchmakers, clockmakers and jewellers. Daoust were located in Great Sutton Street, London. A clean copy, paper covers now worn. (Ref: K2953 - BX14)

Price: 10.00

Diderot & D'Alembert: L'Encyclopdie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonn des Sciences, des Arts et des Mtiers, .. - Horlogerie

Diderot & D'Alembert: L'Encyclopdie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonn des Sciences, des Arts et des Mtiers, .. - Horlogerie
O/P. 25 pages + 64 plates, 1765. A complete set of the plates and associated text of the horology section, extracted from the famous encyclopaedia by Diderot & D'Alembert first published in Paris in 1765, page size 15¼ x 10 inches (38.7 x 25.4 cm). It is rare to find a full set of original plates together with the explanatory text in such fine condition. The text pages are generally in very good condition with light foxing and a few stains in the margins, the first page is very discoloured with several stains (not affecting legibility of text). The plates are in fine condition, undamaged and generally very clean and bright with minor dust staining to outer margins and virtually no foxing. The plates and text are in a good early 20th century binding with cloth spine and paper covered boards, corners bumped and boards a little marked. [French language]

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(Ref: K4252 - CR10)
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Gray (E.) & Son Ltd: Tools and Materials
O/P. 53 pages, illus., 1972. A tools and materials catalogue for jewellers, instrument makers, art metal workers and school metal workshops. A good copy, card covers a little marked. (Ref: K3064 - BX13)

Price: 5.00

Hill (C.W.): The Design of Toothed Gear
O/P. 60 pages, 17 illustrations, 1918. A detailed theoretical approach to the design of gear teeth with formulae for the strength of teeth and efficiency of power transmission. Written for gears in heavy machinery, some horologists like the theoretical approach. A good copy, stiff card covers. (Ref: K2895 - Y1)

Price: 18.00

Hirst Brothers & Co.: The Fourth "Wide-Awake" Catalogue of Tools and Materials for Watchmakers, Clockmakers, Jewellers and Opticians
O/P. 456 pages, not dated, but probably circa 1920. A well know catalogue of great historical interest. Title page and pages 59/60 & 399/400 missing, otherwise complete but with 30 or 40 loose pages, the loose pages only very worn to edges and some with tears. The binding is very loose and the cloth covered boards are very worn the cloth split on most edges, spine missing. A fair copy, worth rebinding. (Ref: K149 - CR10)

Price: 50.00

[Japy]: 17 mars 1799 Brevet d'invention de cinq ans, Pour diverses machines d'horlogerie, Au sieur Frdric Japy, de Beaucourt, Haut Rhin
O/P. [11 pages, 4 folding pates], number 028 of 200 copies, reprinted 1973. The Brevet (patent), valid for 5 years, was for ten horological tools including a wheel cutting engine, drilling machine, machine to cut rolled brass sheet, a lathe for turning fusees, barrels etc., etc. The plates are beautifully drawn and show some fine tools. A fine copy, card covers. [French language] (Ref: K2636 - BX2)

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Lukin (J.): Turning for Amateurs: being descriptions of the lathe and its attachments and tools
O/P. 204 pages, 144 figs., 3rd edition, no date. Published circa 1895 this claims to have 'minute instructions for their effective use on wood, metal, ivory, and other materials'. A good copy, still in original Victorian binding, cloth a little worn. (Ref: K1592 - E2)

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Lukin (J.): Turning Lathes - A Manual for Technical Schools and Apprentices
O/P. 160 pages + 88 pages of advertisements, 19 plates, 30 figs, 3rd edition, 1890. A good manual for turning, screw-cutting, metal-spinning etc., The adverts are for lathes, lathe accessories and other tools, mainly by the Britannia, Company, Colchester. A good copy showing signs of use, rear end paper torn with some loss, still in original decorative Victorian binding, covers marked. (Ref: K3305 - CR1)

Price: 25.00

[Lukin (J.)]: The Amateur Mechanic's Workshop
O/P. 148 pages, 2 folding plates, 168 figures, 7th edition, 1888. A treatise containing plain and concise directions for the manipulation of wood and metals including casting, forging, brazing, soldering and carpentry. A good copy (4cm split to cloth on spine). (Ref: K3500 - X2)

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Nicolet (J.-C.): From Hand to Machine

Nicolet (J.-C.): From Hand to Machine
NEW. 110 pages, 48 colour plates, 53 figs., no date. The English language edition of a book which describes the introduction of tools such as fusee engines, pinion cutters etc., which started the mechanisation of the horological industry. 48 tools from the collection of the Musée International d'Horlogerie are well described and illustrated with excellent photographs. With card slipcase. (Ref: N1812)

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Picard (Henri) & Frere: A Catalogue of Tools, Materials and Production Aids for Watchmakers, Jewellers and the Electronics Industry
O/P. 46 pages, illustrated, no date. A tools and materials catalogue for this well known London firm, published in the late 1970's. Good condition, card covers. (Ref: K3431 - G4)

Price: 4.00

Picard (Henri) & Frre Ltd: British Made Goods for the Horological, Scientific and Electronic Industries
O/P. 76 pages, illus., no date. A catalogue, issued in the 1960's, of tools and clock parts. A good copy, card covers, spiral bound. (Ref: K3065 - P3)

Price: 9.00

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