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Last updated 20 March 2019

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Jackson (C.J.): English Goldsmiths and Their Marks
O/P. 747 pages, illus., reprinted 1964. A history of the goldsmiths and plate workers of England, Scotland and Ireland with over 13,000 makers marks and full details of the hallmarking system. Reprinted from the 2nd edition first published in 1921. A very good copy (top edge a little stained) with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K161 - W3)

Price: 25.00

[Jacot & Son]: How to Repair Musical Boxes
O/P. 32 pages, illus., 3rd edition, 1890. Practical instructions to watchmakers with a complete illustrated catalogue of materials. A small, useful, guide to the repair of musical boxes. This may well be an original copy or it may be a 20th century reprint, I am not sure. Good condition, paper covers. (Ref: K1151 - BX12)

Price: 15.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: Atmos, Living Time
O/P. 34 pages, illustrated, 1990. A publicity brochure for the Atmos clock with an explanation of how changes in temperature wind the clock, plus details of all the Atmos clock models then in production. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4402 - BX7)

Price: 9.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: Jaeger-LeCoultre Catalogue 2008
O/P. 276 pages, illustrated, 2008. A quality catalogue describing Jaeger's wrist watches and Atmos clocks in production in 2008 with some excellent photographs. Hardback. Very good copy, rear cover a little scratched. (Ref: K2662 - F5)

Price: 15.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: Jaeger-LeCoultre Three - Yearbook 2010
O/P. 128 pages, illustrated, 2009. A large format (29 x 38.5 cm) Jaeger yearbook featuring the Hybris Mechanica 55 plus several older wristwatches together with several non-horological articles all with excellent photography. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K2664 - E7)

Price: 30.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: The Manufacture's Book of Timepieces - 2000/2001 edition
O/P. 243 pages, illustrated, 2000. A well produced hardback catalogue of items in production in 2000/2001 including the Master, Reverso range of watches and Atmos clocks. A good copy. (Ref: K2775 - Q1)

Price: 10.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: The Manufacture's Book of Timepieces - 2002/2003 edition
O/P. 259 pages, illustrated, 2001. A well produced hardback catalogue of items in production in 2002/2003 including the Reverso and Master range of watches and Atmos clocks. A very good copy. (Ref: K4074 - P1)

Price: 10.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: The Manufacture's Book of Timepieces - 2004/2005 edition
O/P. 251 pages, illustrated, 2003. A well produced hardback catalogue of items in production in 2004/2005 including the Master and Reverso range of watches and Atmos clocks. A very good copy. (Ref: K2666 - R1)

Price: 10.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: The Manufacture's Book of Timepieces - 2006/2007 edition
O/P. 224 pages, illustrated, 2005. A well produced hardback catalogue of items in production in 2006/2007 including the Master and Reverso range of watches and Atmos clocks. A fine copy. (Ref: K2668 - F5)

Price: 15.00

[Jaeger-LeCoultre]: The Manufacture's Book of Timepieces - 2007 edition
O/P. 240 pages, illustrated, 2006. A well produced hardback catalogue of items in production in 2007 including the Master, Reverso and AMVOX range of watches and Atmos clocks. With separate 22-page price list. A fine copy. (Ref: K2669 - B1)

Price: 15.00

Jagger (C.): Paul Philip Barraud - a study of a fine Chronometer Maker, and of his Relatives, Associates and Successors in the Family Business 1750 - 1929 (complete with supplement)
O/P. 177 pages, 21 plates, 1968. An excellent book about the Barraud business with a useful listing of known chronometers, clocks, watches and their serial numbers, very useful when trying to date other examples. Complete with the supplement published in 1979, making a total of 283 pages and 33 plates. Barraud's are one of the most respected 19th century chronometer makers so this book is essential reading for enthusiasts. The book is in very good condition (bookplate on ffep), supplement good but with damage to the paper covering the spine. Book: hardback, supplement: card covers.

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(Ref: K952 - E4)

Price: 110.00

Jagger (C.): Paul Philip Barraud - The Supplement
O/P. In this supplement the pagination and plate numbers are continued from the main work; this volume has pages 178 - 283, plates 22 - 33 and was published in 1979. A good copy of the supplement (only) to the excellent book on the Barraud family of clock and chronometer makers. Soft covers. (Ref: K425 - Y3)

Price: 9.50

Jagger (C.): Royal Clocks, The British Monarchy & its Timekeepers 1300 - 1900
O/P. 340 pages, well illustrated, 1983. A very good copy of the hardback edition, with good dust jacket, in original slipcase as issued. (Ref: K164 - E3)

Price: 30.00

Jagger (C.): The Artistry of the English Watch
O/P. 160 pages, 93 plates, 1988. A detailed well illustrated study of the design and decoration of English watchcases and movements from about 1600 to the Victorian era. With chapters on materials and techniques. Good copy with good dust jacket (wear to top of spine). (Ref: K167 - H1)

Price: 22.00

Jagger (C.): The World's Great Clocks & Watches
O/P. 256 pages, well illustrated, 1977. The first and best edition of a book which has been reprinted many times. With dust jacket. (Ref: K169 - G1)

Price: 5.00

James (E.): Praktischer und Theoretischer Leitfaden der Przisionsreglage
O/P. 117 pages, 9 fig., 8 tables of spring terminal curves, 1st edition, 1910. A practical and theoretical guide to precision spring driven timepieces. A good copy. [German language] (Ref: K4044 - D1)

Price: 30.00

Jameson (P.R.): The Barometer as the Foot Rule of the Air
O/P. 24 pages, illustrated, 1933. Published by Short & Mason Ltd., this booklet has an excellent explanation of the aneroid barometer and its use in determining altitude, together with tables for temperature correction and the effects of weather. Good copy, card covers, staples rusted. (Ref: K4286 - BX7)

Price: 15.00

[Japy]: 17 mars 1799 Brevet d'invention de cinq ans, Pour diverses machines d'horlogerie, Au sieur Frdric Japy, de Beaucourt, Haut Rhin
O/P. [11 pages, 4 folding pates], number 028 of 200 copies, reprinted 1973. The Brevet (patent), valid for 5 years, was for ten horological tools including a wheel cutting engine, drilling machine, machine to cut rolled brass sheet, a lathe for turning fusees, barrels etc., etc. The plates are beautifully drawn and show some fine tools. A fine copy, card covers. [French language] (Ref: K2636 - BX2)

Price: 60.00

Jaquet (E.) & Chapuis (A.): Technique and History of the Swiss Watch
O/P. 272 pages, 46 colour & 190 b&w plates, 30 figs., 1970. The enlarged edition of this classic work (first published in 1953), with a new chapter covering developments from 1945 to 1968. A very good copy with poor dust jacket. (Ref: K171 - Q3)

Price: 35.00

Jaquet (E.) & Defossez (L.): Cours lmentaire de Rglage destin aux Horlogers
O/P. 87 pages, 136 figures, 3rd edition, 1945. This volume is the third part of the Swiss Horological School's course on adjusting pendulums and balances for time regulation. Good copy (text with a few annotations in pencil), card covers. [French language] (Ref: K172 - C1)

Price: 27.00

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