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Last updated 16 November 2017

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Bestfit: Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of WATCH Material Parts 1 and 2

Bestfit: Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of WATCH Material Parts 1 and 2
O/P. Part 1: 560 pages, 6th edition 1979. Part 2: pages 555 - 834, 1976. Repairers and restorers find these old catalogues very useful. Both parts of this well known catalogue are in very good, very clean condition. Card covers with light wear.

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(Ref: K1092 - CR11)
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Price: 150.00

[Blakiston & Co.]: Wholesale Price List for Watch and Clock Makers, Jewellers, Opticians and Model makers
O/P. 31 pages, no date. A tools and materials wholesale price list including prices for watch repairs - e.g. new balance staffs from 5 shillings. The list includes the following statement: "Do not send cheap pin pallet or American Clocks, or cheap pin pallet Watches for repair. They are not worth doing" Blakiston & Co. were based in Ainsdale, near Southport and the booklet dates from the 1930's. Rare. Card covers worn and creased. (Ref: K3222 - BX16)

Price: 25.00

Certina: Advice for the Watch maker
O/P. A booklet for Certina 'Automatic', 'Certidate' and 'Certiday' watch calibres (25-65, 25-651, 25-671, 25-652 and 25-672) with practical advice for repairers. Good internally card covers a little worn. (Ref: K3435 - BX17)

Price: 5.00

[ETA S.A.]: ETA Catalogue Supplements
O/P. Supplements 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 to the ETA S.A. Catalogue, issued between May 1989 and September 1986. The supplements contain technical communications for a range of mechanical and quartz movement calibres, each with details of fault finding, spare parts, batteries, lubrication etc. Good condition, in card folders as issued. (Ref: K3374 - V3)

Price: 12.00

[ETA S.A.]: Technical Communications
O/P. Eta technical communications numbers 32, 33, 36, 37, 38 and 39; published in 1978 and 1979. Each item is for a mechanical or quartz movement calibre and has details of fault finding, spare parts, batteries, lubrication etc. Good condition, in card folder as issued. (Ref: K3373 - W3)

Price: 10.00

Federation Suisse Fabricants D'Horlogerie: Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repair Parts
O/P. Volume 2 only of the 1949 edition of this useful publication. Spiral bound, plastic covers as issued. [Text in English, French, German and Spanish] (Ref: K114 - D3)

Price: 15.00

Flume: Der Flume-Grossuhr-Schlssel Band 4
O/P. Published 1957. A catalogue of part numbers and replacement parts for various clocks. Good copy, card covers. [German language] (Ref: K1247 - C3)

Price: 5.00

Gerner-Swissco: The Horophile and Master Catalogue 1953
O/P. 64 pages, 1953. Gerner-Swissco, a materials supply business issued a quarterly newsletter - The Horophile. This issue for February 1953 includes a master catalogue of balance staffs, winding stems and main springs, with dimeinsions etc for many makes and calibres of watches. Well used copy, paper covers. (Ref: K3292 - W3)

Price: 5.00

[Patek Philippe]: Patek Philipe Geneve  1920 - 1965 Material Catalog

[Patek Philippe]: Patek Philippe Geneve 1920 - 1965 Material Catalog
NEW. [36 pages], reprinted 2000. A facsimile reprint of a materials catalogue originally published by Patek Philippe in the mid 1960's. The book has movement illustrations, parts lists and instructions for various watch calibres. Card covers. (Ref: N1476)
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Price: 11.50

Picard (Henri) & Frre Ltd: British Made Goods for the Horological, Scientific and Electronic Industries
O/P. 76 pages, illus., no date. A catalogue, issued in the 1960's, of tools and clock parts. A good copy, card covers, spiral bound. (Ref: K3065 - P3)

Price: 9.00

Picard (Henri) & Frre Ltd: Catalogue 1955
O/P. 123 pages, illus., 1955. A catalogue of Swiss watch and clock materials, and tools. A good copy, card covers now worn and marked, top of some pages wrinkled due to moisture. [French, English and German language] (Ref: K3088 - P3)

Price: 18.00

Tardy: Calibres de Montres Nos 1 - 5: Les Principaux Calibres de Montres identifis par leur plaque de remontoir (frein de tirette)
O/P. 5 sections of 82, 36, 18, 22 & 48 pages respectively, section 4 complete with 20 page interchangeable parts table as called for, all circa 1950. A useful, and now rare, publication of use to those who wish to identify movement makers and calibres. A good copy showing significant signs of use, bound in a single volume, wear to top and bottom of spine and to corners, covers discoloured. [French, English, German & Spanish language] (Ref: K4312 - K3)

Price: 95.00

Thomas (A.G.) (Bradford) Ltd.: Catalogue
O/P. 169 pages and 14-page price list, illus., 1968. An illustrated catalogue, and price list, of parts and tools for watch and clock restorers from a large UK distributor. A good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3060 - M2)

Price: 25.00

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