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Last updated 16 November 2017

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Bestfit: Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of WATCH Material Parts 1 and 2

Bestfit: Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of WATCH Material Parts 1 and 2
O/P. Part 1: 560 pages, 6th edition 1979. Part 2: pages 555 - 834, 1976. Repairers and restorers find these old catalogues very useful. Both parts of this well known catalogue are in very good, very clean condition. Card covers with light wear.

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(Ref: K1092 - CR11)
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Price: 150.00

[Blakiston & Co.]: Wholesale Price List for Watch and Clock Makers, Jewellers, Opticians and Model makers
O/P. 31 pages, no date. A tools and materials wholesale price list including prices for watch repairs - e.g. new balance staffs from 5 shillings. The list includes the following statement: "Do not send cheap pin pallet or American Clocks, or cheap pin pallet Watches for repair. They are not worth doing" Blakiston & Co. were based in Ainsdale, near Southport and the booklet dates from the 1930's. Rare. Card covers worn and creased. (Ref: K3222 - BX16)

Price: 25.00

Certina: Advice for the Watch maker
O/P. A booklet for Certina 'Automatic', 'Certidate' and 'Certiday' watch calibres (25-65, 25-651, 25-671, 25-652 and 25-672) with practical advice for repairers. Good internally card covers a little worn. (Ref: K3435 - BX17)

Price: 5.00

[ETA S.A.]: ETA Catalogue Supplements
O/P. Supplements 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 to the ETA S.A. Catalogue, issued between May 1989 and September 1986. The supplements contain technical communications for a range of mechanical and quartz movement calibres, each with details of fault finding, spare parts, batteries, lubrication etc. Good condition, in card folders as issued. (Ref: K3374 - V3)

Price: 12.00

[ETA S.A.]: Technical Communications
O/P. Eta technical communications numbers 32, 33, 36, 37, 38 and 39; published in 1978 and 1979. Each item is for a mechanical or quartz movement calibre and has details of fault finding, spare parts, batteries, lubrication etc. Good condition, in card folder as issued. (Ref: K3373 - W3)

Price: 10.00

Federation Suisse Fabricants D'Horlogerie: Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Repair Parts
O/P. Volume 2 only of the 1949 edition of this useful publication. Spiral bound, plastic covers as issued. [Text in English, French, German and Spanish] (Ref: K114 - D3)

Price: 15.00

Flume (Rudolph): Flume Electronic Service-System
O/P. A large, 2 inches (5 cm), thick manual in ring binder, published 1977. The first section is on the measuring, testing and regulation of movements, the remainder is a comprehensive set of data sheets for clock and watch calibres by virtually all manufacturers. Each data sheet contains all the essential data on an individual make & calibre of movement. A very good copy. (Ref: K4309 - CR12)

Price: 20.00

Flume: Der Flume-Grossuhr-Schlssel Band 4
O/P. Published 1957. A catalogue of part numbers and replacement parts for various clocks. Good copy, card covers. [German language] (Ref: K1247 - C3)

Price: 5.00

Gerner-Swissco: The Horophile and Master Catalogue 1953
O/P. 64 pages, 1953. Gerner-Swissco, a materials supply business issued a quarterly newsletter - The Horophile. This issue for February 1953 includes a master catalogue of balance staffs, winding stems and main springs, with dimeinsions etc for many makes and calibres of watches. Well used copy, paper covers. (Ref: K3292 - W3)

Price: 5.00

[Patek Philippe]: Patek Philipe Geneve  1920 - 1965 Material Catalog

[Patek Philippe]: Patek Philippe Geneve 1920 - 1965 Material Catalog
NEW. [36 pages], reprinted 2000. A facsimile reprint of a materials catalogue originally published by Patek Philippe in the mid 1960's. The book has movement illustrations, parts lists and instructions for various watch calibres. Card covers. (Ref: N1476)
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Price: 11.50

Picard (Henri) & Frre Ltd: British Made Goods for the Horological, Scientific and Electronic Industries
O/P. 76 pages, illus., no date. A catalogue, issued in the 1960's, of tools and clock parts. A good copy, card covers, spiral bound. (Ref: K3065 - P3)

Price: 9.00

Picard (Henri) & Frre Ltd: Catalogue 1955
O/P. 123 pages, illus., 1955. A catalogue of Swiss watch and clock materials, and tools. A good copy, card covers now worn and marked, top of some pages wrinkled due to moisture. [French, English and German language] (Ref: K3088 - P3)

Price: 18.00

Tardy: Calibres de Montres Nos 1 - 5: Les Principaux Calibres de Montres identifis par leur plaque de remontoir (frein de tirette)
O/P. 5 sections of 82, 36, 18, 22 & 48 pages respectively, section 4 complete with 20 page interchangeable parts table as called for, all circa 1950. A useful, and now rare, publication of use to those who wish to identify movement makers and calibres. A good copy showing significant signs of use, bound in a single volume, wear to top and bottom of spine and to corners, covers discoloured. [French, English, German & Spanish language] (Ref: K4312 - K3)

Price: 95.00

Thomas (A.G.) (Bradford) Ltd.: Catalogue
O/P. 169 pages and 14-page price list, illus., 1968. An illustrated catalogue, and price list, of parts and tools for watch and clock restorers from a large UK distributor. A good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3060 - M2)

Price: 25.00

Watchmakers Of Switzerland: Description of the Official Catalogue of Swiss Watch Parts
O/P. An explanation of how to use the Catalogue of Swiss Watch Parts, published by the Federation Suisse Fabricants d'Horlogerie. Not dated but almost certainly published in 1949. Good copy, spiral bound, soft covers. (Ref: K3276 - X1)

Price: 10.00

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