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Clerke, Fowler & Gore: The Concise Knowledge Library: Astronomy
O/P. 597 pages, illustrated, 2nd edition, circa 1912. The book has three sections: 'Geometrical Astronomy and Astronomical Instruments'; 'The Solar System'; and 'The Sidereal Heavens'. The book was presented to a scholar at Dulwich College in 1921 and is nicely bound in quarter leather with raised bands to the spine and with gilt tooling to the front and spine. A very good copy, leather rubbed to corners. (Ref: K3932 - Y1)

Price: 30.00

Conservatoire National des Arts et et Mtiers: Catalogue Du Muse - section K - Poids et Mesures Mtrologie
O/P. 222 pages, 56 figs., 1941. A detailed catalogue of the weights, measures and measuring instruments in this famous Parisian museum. Good copy (paper covering to spine worn and a bit loose), card covers. [French language] (Ref: K3801 - M1)

Price: 9.00

Cotter (C.H.): A History of the Navigator's Sextant

Cotter (C.H.): A History of the Navigator's Sextant
NEW. 226 pages, illustrated, 1983. This excellent book opens with chapters on the seaman's quadrant, the mariner's astrolabe, the cross staff, shadow staffs and reflecting instruments before the sextant. The sextant is studied in detail including developments for coastal navigation and surveying, artificial horizons and sextants for air navigation. With dust jacket. (Ref: N2278)
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Price: 21.00

Cox (J.C.): Pulpits, Lecterns and Organs in English Churches
O/P. 228 pages, illus., 1915. Fine stone and carved wooden pulpits, but on this list because of the chapter on The Hour Glass - also known as sand glasses or sermon glasses - which were in general use in the Church of England in the 16th and 17th centuries. Spine discoloured. (Ref: K3364 - T2)

Price: 15.00

Darnell (P.) & Nielsen (F.): Ole Roemer's Eclipsareon and Planetarium

Darnell (P.) & Nielsen (F.): Ole Roemer's Eclipsareon and Planetarium
NEW. 35 pages, illustrated, 2013. An illustrated description of Ole Rømer's two planetary machines, made by Isaac Thuret in Paris in 1680. The drawings and photographs explain how the machines work. The authors had access to the pair of instruments in the Danish Royal Collection and were able to dismantle them hence this is an accurate and detailed account. Card covers. (Ref: N3646)
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Price: 12.50

Daumas (M.): Scientific Instruments of the 17th & 18th Centuries and their Makers
O/P. 361 pages, 142 illustrations, 1989. The first English language edition of Maurice Daumas' pioneering work which is a classic study of the development of scientific instruments in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A very good copy with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K2738 - S2)

Price: 25.00

Dawes (H.) & Dawes (C.): Making Things From New Ideas, the Secret of Prosperity
O/P. 152 pages, 66 figs., 2005. To understand the mechanisms for wealth creation and economic growth the authors have studied the history of science and technology using case studies from the industrial revolution to show how these creative processes still drive the global economy today. The illustrations include lots of scientific instruments. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4674 - TC3)

Price: 15.00

De Clercq (P.R.) editor: Nineteenth-Century Scientific Instruments and their Makers
O/P. 275 pages, illustrated, 1985. A collection of 11 papers given at a conference in the Mueum Boerhaave, Leiden in 1984. The paper's topics include geomagnetic instruments and their makers; Some Board of Longitude instruments; German and Italian scientific makers;Teyler's Museum, Dental craftsmen in America; and the scientific instrument-making industry in the Netherlands. A good copy, card covers now a little worn. . (Ref: K4593 - TC8)

Price: 35.00

De Clercq (P.): The Leiden Cabinet of Physics - A Descriptive Catalogue
O/P. 198 pages, illustrated, 1997. The 295 items of scientific apparatus, made between about 1660 and 1810, are described and illustrated. The items were made for the University of Leiden for the instruction of students in natural philosophy and are now housed at the Museum Boerhaave. A very good copy. (Ref: K3858 - Z1)

Price: 20.00

Dekker (E.): Globes at Greenwich
O/P. 592 pages, illus., 1999. A catalogue of the Globes and Armillary Spheres in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. This was the first in a series of excellent catalogues of the Greenwich instrument collections, other volumes in stock are on Sundials, Astrolabes, Sextants and Chronometers. A fine copy, with very good dust jacket and very good original slipcase.

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(Ref: K4035 - TC1)

Price: 395.00

Dekker (E.) & Krogt (P. van der): Globes from the Western World
O/P. 183 pages, 55 colour plates and 82 b&w figures, 1993. An excellent introduction to terrestrial and celestial globes made in Europe and America from 1492 onwards. A fine copy with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K4008 - F1)

Price: 55.00

Delft (D. van) et al: De Telescoop - Erfenis Van Een Nederlandse Uitvinding
O/P. 71 pages, illus., 2008. Published by the Muesum Boerhaave, a book about the invention of the telescope in the Netherlands and its subsequent development up to the modern large millimetre array telescope in Chile. A fine copy. [Dutch language] (Ref: K4652 - TC10)

Price: 10.00

Del Vecchio (M.) editor: In View: In View: the Telescopes of the Luxottica Museum
O/P. 127 pages, illus., 1995. An essay on the brief history of the telescope is followed by illustrations and descriptions of 11 fine 17th and 18th century telescopes in the Luxottica collection. A good copy with fair dust jacket and slipcase. [Italian and English languages] (Ref: K4651 - L3)

Price: 20.00

De Regny (E.V.) & Parenti (E.V.): Strumenti Scientifici del Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze
O/P. 32 pages, illustrated, 1968. Descriptions and colour illustrations of some fine scientific instruments in the Museum of the History of Science, Florence. Good copy. Card covers. [Italian language] (Ref: K2739 - BX12)

Price: 18.00

Disney (A.N.) editor: Origin and Development of the Microscope, as Illustrated by Catalogues of Instruments and Accessories, in the Collection of the Royal Microscopical Society, together with Bibliographies of Original Authorities
O/P. 303 pages, 30 plates, 36 figs., 1928. This is the first ever catalogue of the microscopes in the RMS collection and includes an account of the early history of optics and of the microscope up to about 1670. A good copy, cloth on spine faded and worn through on rear outer hinge line. (Ref: K3800 - TC3)

Price: 40.00

Dolz, Schardin, Schillinger & Schramm: Uhren-Globen, wissenschaftliche instrumente
O/P. 115 pages, illus., 1993. A catalogue of fine clocks, globes and scientific instruments located at the Mathematisch-Physikalischer Museum, Dresden. Good copy. Card covers. [German language] (Ref: K3262 - X1)

Price: 8.00

Downer (M.): The Earl's Machine - the portable calculator invented by Charles, third Earl Stanhope (1753-1816)
O/P. 48 pages, illus., 2008. An illustrated exhibition catalogue of the calculator (for multiplication and division) invented by Earl Stanhope and built by clockmaker James Bullock in 1777. The booklet has photographs of the machine and the original drawings as well as an explanation of how it works by Michael Wright. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4746 - M2)

Price: 10.00

Drake (S.): Galileo Galilei Operations of the Geometric and Military Compass

Drake (S.): Galileo Galilei Operations of the Geometric and Military Compass
O/P. 95 pages, illus., 1978. This is an English translation, with introduction, of Galileo's first publication printed in 1606. Galileo developed the sector (Galileo's "compass") into a useful calculation instrument sufficiently accurate to solve military problems associated with fortification and artillery as well as problems of proportion. A fine copy. Card covers. (Ref: N1966)

Price: 8.50
Dunn (R.): The Telescope - A Short History

Dunn (R.): The Telescope - A Short History
NEW. 192 pages, 61 illustrations, 2011. An interesting, informative and very readable history of the telescope from its invention in 1608 to the present. With dust jacket. (Ref: N3562)

Price: 12.99

Engberts (E.): Descriptive Catalogue of Telescopes
O/P. 148 pages, 22 plates, 1970. A catalogue of the telescopes, about 150 in number, in the National Museum of the History of Science, Leiden. A good copy, card covers now a little worn. (Ref: K4597 - Q1)

Price: 35.00

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