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Last updated 24 March 2020

Books on barometers & barographs, marine chronometers and sundials are listed in separate sections.

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Adams (G.): Essays on the Microscope; Containing a Practical Description of the Most Improved Microscopes: A General History of Insects.......
O/P. xxiii, 134 pages, 9 folding plates, facsimile reprint, no date. A low cost facsimile of the first 4 chapters of the 1787 edition of this famous work by George Adams; the chapters contain all the information about microscopes and how to use them. A good copy, stapled pages, card covers. (Ref: K4676 - TC5)

Price: 15.00

Aked (C.K.): A Perpetual Almanack
O/P. 10 pages, 3 figs., 1994. A perpetual almanack for the period 1703 - 1732, devised by John Carte, London and known from an engraved print. A related print by Samuel Watson is also described. A fine copy, an offprint from Antiquarian Horology, unbound. (2 copies, 0.1 kg) BX11
(Ref: K4389 - BX11)

Price: 4.00

Aked (J.R.A.): Sand-Glasses of the Historisches Uhren-Museum Wuppertal, Germany
O/P. 6 pages, 9 figs., signed by author, 1979. The museum has a small interesting collection of 9 items. A reprint from Antiquarian Horology. Very good copy, paper covers. (Ref: K3722 - TC11)

Price: 5.00

Aked (C.K.): William Oughtred - An Early Horological Expositor
O/P. 10 pages, illustrated, 1981. A good biographical account of William Oughtred, little known today but famous in his own day as a mathematician, teacher and deviser of scientific instruments. Oughtred devised the universal equinoctial ring dial and one of his horological works was published as an appendix in John Smith's Horological Dialogues. A fine copy, an offprint from Antiquarian Horology, unbound. (Ref: K4388 - BX5)

Price: 4.00

[American Philosophical Society]: Symposium on Copernicus
O/P. [140 pages], figures, 1973. Four scholarly papers on Nicolaus Copernicus, his planetary theory, and heliocentrism published in the transactions of this learned society. A very good copy. Card covers.
(Ref: K2967 - S2)

Price: 18.00

Anderson (R.G.W.): The Mariner's Astrolabe
O/P. 40 pages, illustrated, 1972. The catalogue of an exhibition at The Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh describing and illustrating 12 mariner's astrolabes. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4657 - TC11)

Price: 15.00

Anderson (R.G.W.), Bennett (J.A.) & Ryan (W.F.) editors: Making Instruments Count
O/P. 492 pages, illus., 1993. A collection of 35 essays in honour of Gerard Turner, all about the history and study of scientific instruments. The papers include Equipping the Radcliffe Observatory; An Equinoctial Ring Dial by Greatorex; The Astronomical Clocks of Andreas Hohwü; and Some Notes on Benjamin Ayres. A very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K4692 - TC3)

Price: 45.00

Andrade (E.N. Da C.): Isaac Newton
O/P. 111 pages, 8 plates, 5 figs., 1950. A concise assessment of Newton's life, work and achievements. Good copy. (Ref: K4874 - V2)

Price: 5.00

Andrewes (W.J.H.) (Editor): The Quest for Longitude

Andrewes (W.J.H.) (Editor): The Quest for Longitude
NEW. 437 pages, illustrated, 2nd edition, 1998. This is a valuable, learned volume, being a record of the contributions to the Longitude Symposium held at Harvard University in 1993. The symposium was held to commemorate John Harrison's birth 300 years before, and is the best contribution to understanding Harrison and time keeping at sea since Quill's book, John Harrison, the Man who found Longitude, was published in 1966. As well as information about marine timekeepers by Harrison, Earnshaw, Mudge and Arnold the book covers Harrison's wooden and brass regulators. With dust jacket. (Ref: N8)
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Price: 49.95

Attali (J.): Mmoire de Sabliers - Collections, mode d'emploi
O/P. 189 pages, illustrated, 1997. A detailed study of sandglasses and how they were used, with excellent colour illustrations of surviving glasses. The book also shows sandglasses depicted in paintings of the period in which they were made and used. A fine copy, with very good dust jacket. [French language] (Ref: K1959 - P3)

Price: 95.00

Baddeley (J.): Nautical Antiques and Collectables

Baddeley (J.): Nautical Antiques and Collectables
NEW. 160 pages, illustrated, 1993. A good introduction to ship models, navigation instruments, ship fixtures and fittings, marine arts and crafts, ship portraits and ocean liner artefacts. The book also has chapters on caring for marine collectables and a guide to maritime collections open to the public. With dust jacket. (Ref: N519)
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Price: 35.00
Baillie (G.H.), Lloyd (H.A.) & Ward (F.A.B.): The Planetarium of Giovanni De Dondi

Baillie (G.H.), Lloyd (H.A.) & Ward (F.A.B.): The Planetarium of Giovanni De Dondi
O/P. 156 pages, 180 figures, 1974. A translation of early manuscripts describing in detail the planetarium designed and constructed by De Dondi between 1348 and 1364. A very good copy with good dust jacket (wear to top edge). (Ref: K729 - H1)

Price: 30.00
Baker (G.L.) & Blackburn (J.A.): The Pendulum - A Case Study in Physics (paperback)

Baker (G.L.) & Blackburn (J.A.): The Pendulum - A Case Study in Physics
NEW. 288 pages, text figures, 2009. A unique and comprehensive book containing all the facts about pendulums from a scientific viewpoint but also with an historical and cultural context. The book analyses simple pendulums, compound pendulums, torsion pendulums and the Foucault pendulum to name a few. The use of the pendulum by Cavendish to determine the density of the earth in 1798 and the use of a torsion pendulum by Coulomb when studying electrostatics in 1784 are both documented. A detailed technical study, which includes a chapter on 'The Pendulum Clock', but also has chapters on 'The Chaotic Pendulum' and the 'Quantum Pendulum' which will blow the mind! The paperback edition. (Ref: N3182)

Price: 36.99

Barty-King (H.): Eyes Right: The Story of Dollond & Aitchison 1750 - 1985
O/P. 264 pages, illustrated, 1986. The first 106 pages are about the history of the Dollond business from its origins in 1750 to the retirement of the last family member (William Dollond) in 1872. The remainder of the book records the history of James Aitchison and Dollond & Aitchison up to 1985. A very good copy with good dust jacket (3.5 cm tear to rear). (Ref: K2326 - TC6)

Price: 12.00

Bauer (B.): The Sextant Handbook - Adjustment, Repair, Use and History
O/P. 189 pages, figures, 2nd edition, 1995. Written for the mariner, this book is also of use to scientific instrument enthusiasts as it has a brief history of the sextant followed by details of how to use and adjust it. Very good copy, paperback. (Ref: K2163 - B1)

Price: 10.00

Bedini (S.A.): On Making Telescope Tubes in the 17th Century
O/P. [8 pages], 3 figs., 1962. An offprint from an Italian journal, the paper is a translation and discussion of an anonymous Italian manuscript about the manufacture of octagonal telescope tubes. The manuscript is attributed to the Italian telescope maker Giuseppe Campani. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3894 - BX4)

Price: 15.00

Bedini (S.A.): Science and Instruments in Seventeenth-Century Italy
O/P. xii, 338 pages, Illustrated, 1994. A collection of 10 learned papers reprinted from various scientific journals making the information available to all. The papers include the instruments of Galileo Galilei and their makers; 17th century telescopes and compound microscopes; and 17th century science collections. A very good copy (owner's inscription inside front cover). (Ref: K4671 - TC3)

Price: 75.00

Bennett, Cooper, Hunter & Jardine: London's Leonardo - the Life and Work of Robert Hooke
O/P. 224 pages, 55 figures, 2003. An interesting account of the great 17th century polymath who died in 1703. The book has four sections: Hooke's Career, Hooke's Instruments, Hook the Natural Philosopher, Hooke the Man - His Diary and His Health. The 'Instruments' section includes information on mechanical horology, marine science, astronomy and optics. A very good copy with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K581 - T1)

Price: 20.00

Bertele (H. von): Globes and Spheres
O/P. 64 pages, 47 illus., 1961. An interesting work on Renaissance clockwork-driven globes and spheres. Very good copy, card covers. [English language text, picture captions in English, French & German] (Ref: K4002 - M2)

Price: 25.00

Bettex (A.): The Discovery of Nature
O/P. 380 pages, 41 colour and 482 b&w illustrations, 1965. The story of the exploration of the physical universe revealing the secrets of nature and the development of the sciences of chemistry, physics, botany, zoology, human physiology and astronomy. A good copy with worn dust jacket. (Ref: K2455 - G7)

Price: 9.00

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