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Last updated 26 July 2020

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Nachet (A.): Collection Nachet
O/P. 145 pages, 16 plates, facsimile reprint, number 184 of 300 copies, 1976. Originally published in 1929 this book documents the famous Nachet collection of scientific instruments (mainly microscopes) and library of books on microscopes. The collection was sold and dispersed in 1971. The book has four sections: The invention of the microscope; description of the scientific instruments in the collection; catalogue of the books; list of instrument makers and important persons in the microscope world. A very good copy (bookplate inside front cover) with fair dust jacket. [French language]

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(Ref: K4607 - TC6)

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[National Maritime Museum]: Man is Not Lost: A record of two hundred years of astronomical navigation with the Nautical Almanac 1767 - 1967
O/P. 43 pages, illus., 1966. The Nautical Almanac and its later companion The Air Almanac are part of the story of using the Sun, Moon and stars for navigation. This book describes the origin and use of the almanacs. Good copy. Card covers. (Ref: K2971 - BX10)

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NAWCC: Bulletin
O/P. The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors was founded in 1943 and has published a journal six times a year - NAWCC Bulletin - now the Watch and Clock Bulletin - ever since.

We have a large quantity of the Bulletin in stock including complete volumes and odd issues. To see a complete list of what we have for sale go to our dedicated webpage.

(Ref: X4)

NAWCC: Cleveland National Convention Exhibit 1986
O/P. 64 pages, illus., 1986. A catalogue illustrating the exhibits - primarily Vienna regulators and Black Forest clocks - at the National Association of Clock Collectors' convention in 1986. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K1636 - G1)

Price: 8.00

[NAWCC]: Clocks of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Style 1890 - 1940
O/P. 58 pages, illustrated, 1996. Published by NAWCC chapter 28 to illustrate clocks from around the world including examples by Charles Voysey and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K2731 - BX13)

Price: 15.00

NAWCC: The Horological Collection of Dr. William Barclay Stephens
O/P. 16 pages, illustrated, 1951. Dr. Stephens had a large collection of clocks and watches; it is now housed at the NAWCC's National Watch & Clock Museum, Columbia, Pennsylvania. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3895 - BX4)

Price: 14.00

Neale (J.A.): Joseph and Thomas Windmills
O/P. [14 pages], illustrated, 1987. A good article, reprinted from Antiquarian Horology, about the life and work of Joseph Windmills and his son, Thomas. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K2365 - BX10)

Price: 10.00

Neale (J.A.): Joseph and Thomas Windmills Clock and Watch Makers 1671 - 1737
O/P. 320 pages, 248 b&w and 12 colour illus., 1999. This book traces the rise of the Windmills' business, describes their clocks and watches in detail and provides information on their family and associates. An important book about one of Britain's most respected clockmaking families. A fine copy with fine dust jacket.

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(Ref: K2116 - CR9)

Price: 145.00

Needham (J.): Clerks and Craftsmen in China and the West
O/P. 470 pages, 99 illustrations, 1970. A collection of lectures/essays by the great China scholar Joseph Needham, including: Astronomy in Classical China, The Chinese Contribution to Science and Technology, The Missing Link in Horological History: A Chinese Contribution, The Chinese Contribution to the Development of the Mariner's Compass and many more. The horological essay is interesting as the author credits the Chinese with inventing the concept of an escapement. A good copy, spine faded. (Ref: K3030 - P2)

Price: 20.00

Needham (J.), Gwei-Djen (L.), Combridge (J.H.) & Major (J.S.): The Hall of Heavenly Records - Korean Astronomical Instruments and Clocks 1380 - 1780
O/P. 201 pages, illustrated, 1st edition 1986. Between the 14th and 18th centuries, there was created under the Yi Dynasty in Korea a remarkable series of astronomical instruments, star-charts and clocks. This book demonstrates the context, purpose, nature and specific workings of these early instruments. Very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K1909 - G3)

Price: 50.00

Needham (J.), Ling (W.) & Price (D.J.): Heavenly Clockwork, The Great Astronomical Clocks of Medieval China - A Missing Link in Horological History
O/P. 254 pages, 71 figs., 1st edition, 1960. Chinese water-driven clocks with a form of mechanical escapement pre-date the first mechanical clocks in the West by 600 years. A detailed scholarly book, with an appendix on Chinese horary systems. A fine copy, with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K664 - H6)

Price: 70.00

Negretti & Zambra: A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments

Negretti & Zambra: A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments
NEW. 176 pages, reprint of a book first published in 1864. A detailed work describing the principles and construction of barometers, hygrometers, rain guages, anemometers, ozonometers and other meteorological instruments. Paperback. (Ref: N224)
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Price: 7.95

Neumann (E.): Der Knigliche Uhrmacher Moritz Behaim und seine Tischuhr von 1559
O/P. 47 pages, 24 plates, number 156 of 500 copies, 1967. Moritz Behaim was watchmaker to King Ferdinand I, and made a superb table clock in 1559. A good copy, one corner bent, card covers. [German language] (Ref: K4249 - N2)

Price: 20.00

Newcomb (S.): Popular Astronomy
O/P. 580 pages, 116 illustrations and 5 star maps, 2nd edition, 1883. Written by a professor at the U.S. Naval Observatory the book has 4 main sections: The System of the World Historically Developed; Practical Astronomy; The Solar System; and The Stellar Universe. A fairly good copy with wear to cloth, binding a little loose. (Ref: K4831 - CR1)

Price: 12.00

Newman (S.): The Christchurch Fusee Chain Gang
S/H. 256 pages, 30 illustrations, 2010. This book is a detailed study of poverty, survival and bygone trades; and explores the significance of watch making and other cottage industries that helped to keep the people of Christchurch out of the clutches of poverty. The author explores the significance of the fusee chain and what this industry meant to the inhabitants of Christchurch. A good study on fusee chain making, with details of the manufacturers and their employees. Fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K2209 - A1)

Price: 12.00

Newstead (M.J.): Cumulative Index to the Quekett Journals of Microscopy 1868 - 1992
O/P. 243 pages, 1994. A very useful index to the Quekett journals, volumes 1 to 36, with a publication history of the journal and a list of books reviewed or noticed. A fine copy. (Ref: K4503 - CR11)

Price: 35.00

Nicholls (A.): Clocks in Colour
O/P. 204 pages, 83 pates, 33 figs, 1978. A well illustrated book showing clocks from all over the world. Good copy with dust jacket. (Ref: K225 - E5)

Price: 4.00

Nicholls (A.): English Bracket and Mantel Clocks
O/P. 160 pages, 112 illustrations, 1981. A good book about bracket and mantel clocks from before 1700 through to the late Victorian period. Information includes the numbering system of several makers. Very good copy with good dust jacket (faded to spine). (Ref: K226 - E3)

Price: 35.00

Nicholls (A.) & Good (R.): Clocks and Watches in Colour
O/P. 218 pages, 86 plates, 1985. Illustrates clocks from Europe, America, Japan and China. A good introduction to the subject. With dust jacket. (Ref: K227 - E5)

Price: 5.00

Nicholson (D.) & Nicholson (A.): Novelty and Animated Wall Pendulette Clocks
O/P. 177 pages, illus., 1977. A good guide to clocks made by Lux, August C. Keebler, Westclox and Columbia Time Products. A good copy. (Ref: K3011 - P1)

Price: 30.00

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