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Last updated 31 January 2018

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The following books were added to our booklist in January 2018:

Aked (C.K.): Electricity, Magnetism and Clocks
O/P. 18 pages, 19 figs., 1971. A useful introduction to electrical horology, an offprint from Antiquarian Horology. Good copy, paper covers. (Ref: K3420 - BX9)

Price: 12.00

Davis (W.O.): Gears for Small Mechanisms
O/P. 344 pages, figures, 2nd edition, 1970. The theory and practice of the design of very small gears for use in clocks, watches and small instruments. A book of great use to serious practical horologists. Very good copy with good dust jacket (wear to edges). (Ref: K4298 - A1)

Price: 30.00

Dent (G.): The Clock and Watch Makers of the Old Parish of Halifax 1624 to about 1850
O/P. 26 pages, illustrated, 1947. A list of makers for Halifax and local areas within the parish such as Ripponden. This booklet was published by the author and is now very rare. A very good copy (owners name inside front cover), card covers.

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(Ref: K1880 - BX7)

Price: 145.00

Hughes (R.): Clock and Watchmakers of Whitchurch
O/P. 48 pages, illustrated, signed by author, 1987. Useful biographical information on the clock and watch makers of Whitchurch, Shropshire. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3612 - BX3)

Price: 20.00

Jendritzki (H.) & Matthey (J.P.): Repairing Antique Pendulum Clocks
O/P. 96 pages, lots of figures, 1973. A well respected book with chapters on gear trains, escapements, striking works, time indication, etc. A good copy of the hardback edition. (Ref: K907 - C1)

Price: 35.00

Nye (J.): A Long Time in the Making - The History of Smiths
NEW. 375 pages, 61 photographs, 2014. A book on the history of the Smiths Group from its origins in 1851 to today. The book includes Smiths clock and watch making activities at Cheltenham, London, Ystradgynlais, Wishaw and elsewhere until production ceased in 1983. Smiths involvement in the motor industry and the aviation industry is included as is their contribution to the war effort in both world wars. An important book, documenting the growth and development of the company as well as the growth and, in some cases, the decline of various operating divisions. A new unused copy, the dust jacket with small tear and crease to one corner. (Ref: K4318 - M2)

Price: 25.00

Penman (L.): Practical Clock Escapements

Penman (L.): Practical Clock Escapements
NEW. 248 pages, well illustrated, reprinted 2002. An excellent book for the practical enthusiast. The book is comprehensive in its treatment of virtually all escapements including platform escapements on carriage clocks. Useful chapters on pendulum suspensions and pendulums are also included. With dust jacket. Please note: this is old stock, still in publisher's shrink wrap, now with a bump to one top corner. (Ref: N242)

Price: 70.00

Severs (D.F.): Northallerton's Clockmakers: Hugh Pannell and his Successors
O/P. 244 pages, 36 plates, signed by author, 1998. Number 150 of 300 copies. A well researched and detailed book about the clocks and clockmakers of this Yorkshire market town. A fine copy, card covers.

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(Ref: K2196 - G1)

Price: 110.00

Tebbutt (L.): Stamford Clocks & Watches
O/P. 173 pages, 106 figures, signed by author, 1975. Copy number 378 of a limited edition of 500. A scarce and useful contribution to knowledge of regional clock & watch making and repairing. A fine copy. Card covers.

***Automatic 10% discount at the checkout on this book***

(Ref: K2780 - Q1)

Price: 135.00

Treherne (A.A.): Nantwich Clockmakers
O/P. [36 pages], illustrated, [ 1985 ]. A catalogue of clocks and watches exhibited at Nantwich Museum with biographies of all known Nantwich Clock and Watchmakers. A useful book with excellent details of the famous astronomical and chronological clock by John Naylor as well as several clocks by Gabriel Smith of Barthomley and a Smith family tree. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K301 - BX5)

Price: 40.00

Waters (I.): Chepstow Clock and Watch Makers
O/P. 31pages, [20 illustrations], 1980. A useful listing of Chepstow clock and watch makers with addresses and working dates where known. This booklet is now very hard to find. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K2402 - BX7)

Price: 30.00

Wilding (J.): How to Make a Skeleton Clock
O/P. 83 pages, 17 figs, 4th edition, 1978. Detailed plans and instructions to make a fusee skeleton clock with maintaining power and passing strike. A good copy of the hardback edition with worn dust jacket. The separate plan for the clock plates has been used - the first copy of this book I have ever had where it is clear that the previous owner actually made the clock! (Ref: K1459 - C1)

Price: 15.00

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