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Last updated 31 October 2018

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Anderson (R.G.W.), Burnett (J.) & Gee (B.): Handlist of Scientific Instrument-Makers' Trade Catalogues 1600 - 1914
O/P. 100 pages, 1990. A useful bibliography of all the trade catalogues known to the authors, each entry includes the date of publication and the library or institute where the copy is located. These catalogues are good references for identifying and dating old instruments. Now hard to find. Good copy, card covers (3cm paper split to spine). (Ref: K2450 - CR11)

Price: 35.00

Bracegirdle (B.): Beads of Glass: Leeuwenhoek and the Early Microscope
O/P. 76 pages, illustrated, 1983. An important catalogue, with introductory essays, of an exhibition held in Leiden and London in 1982 & 1983. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4497 - CR11)

Price: 15.00

Bracegirdle (B.) & McCormick (J.B.): The Microscopic Photographs of J. B. Dancer

Bracegirdle (B.) & McCormick (J.B.): The Microscopic Photographs of J. B. Dancer
O/P. 280 pages, illustrated 1993. John Benjamin Dancer, of Liverpool and Manchester, was a maker of scientific instruments and a photographic pioneer. Dancer is also famous for his microscopic photographs ('microphotographs') which were very popular in Victorian times and are avidly collected by microscope enthusiasts today. This book is a comprehensive guide to the subject and illustrates most of the 512 microphotographs made by Dancer and his successor Richard Suter. A fine copy in very good cloth covered slipcase. (Ref: K4489 - N3)
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Price: 30.00

Butler (S.): Atoms, Energy and Industry: Two Centuries of Manchester Science
O/P. 27 pages, illustrated, 1985. An interesting review of the famous scientists (and their work) who worked in Manchester - including John Dalton, James Joule, Henry Roscoe, Ernest Rutherford, William Bragg and many more. A good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4500 - CR11)

Price: 6.00

Calvert (H.R.): Scientific Trade Cards in the Science Museum Collection
O/P. 61 pages, illustrated, 1971. Descriptions and illustrations of trade cards issued by scientific instrument makers and a few clockmakers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3040 - F2)

Price: 10.00

Chaldecott (J.A.): The King George III Collection 0f Scientific Instruments
O/P. 14 pages, 1949. A brief outline of history of the collection together with notes on personalities involved and points of interest about the objects shown at an exhibition held in the Science Museum, London in 1949. Good copy, card covers (owner's label inside front cover). (Ref: K4499 - CR11)

Price: 5.00

Clarke (T.N.), Morrison-Low (A.D.) & Simpson (A.D.C.): Brass & Glass, Scientific Instrument Making Workshops in Scotland
O/P. 320 pages, illustrated, 1989. An excellent book, the result of many years of detailed research and of great use to clock enthusiasts for its chapters on the chronometer makers Alexander Dobbie, Duncan McGregor, Kelvin White, and Whyte Thomson & Co. Barometer collectors will want this book for its information about Alexander Adie and his successors including English branches of the business. Sundial enthusiasts are not forgotten, there is a chapter on Richard Melville and his slate sundials. Recommended reading. A very good copy. Soft covers. (Ref: K2093 - N2)

Price: 70.00

Crawforth (M.A.): Evidence from Trade Cards for the Scientific Instrument Industry
O/P. 102 pages, illustrated, 1985. An interesting study of trade cards used by instrument makers in England between 1690 and 1900. Over 60 cards are illustrated. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4491 - S1)

Price: 22.00

De Clercq (P.): The Leiden Cabinet of Physics - A Descriptive Catalogue
O/P. 198 pages, illustrated, 1997. The 295 items of scientific apparatus, made between about 1660 and 1810, are described and illustrated. The items were made for the University of Leiden for the instruction of students in natural philosophy and are now housed at the Museum Boerhaave. A very good copy. (Ref: K3858 - A2)

Price: 20.00

Ford (B.J.): Single Lens - the Story of the Simple Microscope
O/P. 182 pages, 31 figures, 1985. A modern assessment of Leeuwenhoek's microscopes which were able to generate images of the highest quality, together with information about other early users of the simple microscope and their discoveries. Very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K4496 - CR11)

Price: 9.00

Ford (B.J.): The Revealing Lens
O/P. 208 pages, illustrated, 1973. An interesting review of the use and development of the microscope from the earliest times through to the scanning electron microscope. A good copy with fair dust jacket. (Ref: K4502 - CR11)

Price: 4.00

Friedberg (F.J.): The Illinois Watch and Its Hamilton Years - The Finale of a Great American Watch Company (to order)

Friedberg (F.J.): The Illinois Watch and Its Hamilton Years - The Finale of a Great American Watch Company
NEW. 5 volumes, more than 1600 pages and 2800 illustrations, 2018. The complete Illinois Watch story, told in great detail, describing the American watch industry at its inception and at the time of the Great Depression, including the impact this economic disaster had on the watch industry in general, and on Illinois and its new corporate parent, in particular. For full details see 'More Information...' below. 5 volumes in slipcase.

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(Ref: P4487)
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Price: 255.00

Frison (E.): L'volution de la Partie Optique du Microscope au Cours du Dix-Neuvime Sicle
O/P. 168 pages, 23 figs., 1954. A French work on the evolution of microscope optics during the nineteenth century. Good copy, card covers. [French language] (Ref: K4501 - CR11)

Price: 12.00

Kargon (R.K.): Science in Victorian Manchester - Enterprise and Expertise
O/P. 283 pages, 1977. A well researched and very readable book about the important scientific community that developed in Manchester during the Victorian period. A very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K4505 - CR11)

Price: 9.00

King (H.C.): The History of the Telescope
O/P. 456 pages, 196 figures, 1955. A good, and comprehensive, history of the telescope from its invention in 1608 up to commissioning of the 200-inch Hale reflector on Palomar Mountain, California in 1948. A good copy, paperback. (Ref: K2696 - CR11)

Price: 9.00

Malies (H.): A Short History of the English Microscope - the 19th Century Instrument
O/P. 98 pages, 36 figures, 1981. A useful book charting the design & development contributions of the leading nineteenth century British microscope makers. A very good copy. (Ref: K4495 - CR11)

Price: 18.00

Marshall (C.E.): Introduction to Crystal Optics
O/P. 133 pages, illustrated, 1953. A useful textbook on the determination of the optical properties of crystalline materials and the preparation of the requisite specimens for use with the microscope. Published by Cooke Troughton & Simms. A very good copy with fair dust wrapper. (Ref: K4508 - CR11)

Price: 9.00

Millburn (J.R.): Adams of Fleet Street - Instrument Makers to King George III
S/H. 420 pages, illustrated, 2000. An excellent study of the scientific instrument business founded by George Adams in 1734 and continued by his sons George junior and Dudley until 1817. Adams made some of the finest instruments of the 18th century and wrote several technical books. This book reproduces several catalogues by Adams and has a detailed list of publications by the family. Very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K2922 - CR11)

Price: 65.00

Millburn (J.R.): Benjamin Martin: Author, Instrument-maker, and 'Country Showman'
O/P. 244 pages, frontis, 8 plates, 7 figs., 1976. Martin was a teacher, author, lecturer - demonstrator and started a scientific instrument making business in London. Martin also wrote tracts on table clocks and dialling as well as designing and making at least two clocks. A fine copy with very good dust jacket (faded to spine). This book is now hard to find.

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(Ref: K3020 - P1)

Price: 160.00

Morrison-Low (A.D.) & Christie (J.R.R.) editors: 'Martyr of Science' Sir David Brewster 1781 - 1868
O/P. 138 pages, 48 figures, 1984. Brewster, in his lifetime, was recognised as one of Scotland's outstanding scientists. This book is the proceedings of a bicentenary symposium together with a catalogue of scientific items associated with him. A good copy, the card covers now a little worn. (Ref: K2620 - CR11)

Price: 9.00

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