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Last updated 14 February 2020

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The following books have been added to our booklist in February 2020:

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Anon: La Misura del Tempo: dall'orologio solare all'orologio atomico
O/P. 98 pages, illustrated, 1988. A book with chapters charting the development of time measurement from the sundial to the atomic clock, followed by the catalogue of an exhibition at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica " leonardo da Vinci", Milan in 1988. A fine copy (small bookplate on ffep) with very good dust jacket. [Italian language] (Ref: K4960 - H7)

Price: 15.00

Appleby (K.): Clockmakers of Cheshire
O/P. 152 pages, 12 colour and 12 b&w plates, signed by author, 1999. This is the only book about Cheshire makers and the listing by town and village is most useful. The extracts from the Cheshire Sheaf, Chester Chronicle and Chester Courant provide useful information about the makers, which is not easily available elsewhere. This book has become hard to find. A fine copy the dust jacket complete but a little worn. (Ref: K9 - M2)

Price: 65.00

Audemars (P.): The Story of Louis Audemars & Cie
O/P. 182 pages, illustrated, 2013. The full title is: The Story of Louis Audemars & Cie of Le Brassus, Switzerland, established in 1811 by Louis-Benjamin Audemars liquidated by his sons in 1885. Recorded in 1922 by his grandson, Louis Audemars-Valette. Translated from the French manuscript and with additional notes, illustrations and appendices. With separate list of watch and movement serial numbers. With presentation inscription signed by author. A very good copy, card covers (main book), paper covers, stapled (serial number list). (Ref: K4861 - G6)

Price: 50.00

Barkus (H.A.): Proper Use of the Watchmaker's Graver
O/P. 39 pages, illustrated, reprinted 1992. A comprehensive treatise on the use of the watchmaker's hand turning graver, with hints on the slide rest application. A good copy, card covers. (Ref: K1761 - BX17)

Price: 15.00

[Barraud & Lund]: Illustrated Price List
O/P. 34 pages, illustrated, limited edition of 500 copies, 1997. A reprint of a price list originally issued circa 1895 by this firm famous for its watches and chronometers. The catalogue includes early ladies' wristwatches as well as pocket watches and bracket clocks. A fine copy. Card covers. (Ref: K1543 - BX10)

Price: 15.00

Bauer (B.): The Sextant Handbook - Adjustment, Repair, Use and History
O/P. 189 pages, figures, 2nd edition, 1995. Written for the mariner, this book is also of use to scientific instrument enthusiasts as it has a brief history of the sextant followed by details of how to use and adjust it. Very good copy, paperback. (Ref: K2163 - B1)

Price: 10.00

Beckett (Sir Edmund): A Rudimentary Treatise on Clocks and Watches and Bells
O/P. xiii, 400 pages, 81 figures, 1 folding plate, 7th edition, 1883. A very good example of this well-known work with lots of information on the Westminster clock and turret clocks in general, as well as all aspects of escapements, pendulums, dials and chiming work. This edition has red cloth covered boards, with gilt tooling to front and spine, and gilt lettering to spine. A very good, bright and clean copy, minor foxing to title page. (Ref: K686 - Z1)

Price: 85.00

Bestfit: Bestfit #111 Encyclopedia of WATCH Material Parts 1 and 2
O/P. Part 1: 560 pages, reprinted 1998. Part 2 pages 555 - 834, reprinted 1998. Repairers and restorers find these old catalogues very useful. A very good set of this well-known parts catalogue, published in 1998 probably as a high quality photocopy of an earlier edition. Each part is now bound as a hardbacked volume with the original covers and spine laminated onto the boards. (Ref: K1092 - CR9)

Price: 75.00

Betts (J.): Belmont - Lord Harris Clock Collection
O/P. 25 pages, 31 figs., 1998. A guide to the fine collection of clocks and watches formed by Lord Harris at Belmont, Faversham, Kent. The house and its collection are open to the public - this is the best collection of clocks in Britain outside of the national museums. Very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3442 - BX1)

Price: 6.00

Betts (J.): Belmont - Lord Harris Clock Collection
O/P. 25 pages, 31 figs., 1998. A guide to the fine collection of clocks and watches formed by Lord Harris at Belmont, Faversham, Kent. The house and its collection are open to the public - this is the best collection of clocks in Britain outside of the national museums. Sold with a 26 page guide book to the very interesting 18th century house. Both in very good condition, card covers. (Ref: K4951 - BX8)

Price: 10.00

Betts (J.): Harrison - Eine Uhr zur Bestimmung des Lngengrads
O/P. 111 pages, illustrated, 2009. An excellent book explaining the longitude problem and the life and work of John Harrison. Harrison's early clocks, the Brocklesby Park clock, the precision pendulum clocks, the R.A.S. regulator and the marine timekeepers H1 to H4 are all illustrated and discussed. A fine copy with fine dust jacket, hardback. [German language] (Ref: K4962 - CR12)

Price: 20.00

Betts (J.): Marine Chronometers at Greenwich
S/H. 748 pages, over 500 illustrations, 2018. A catalogue of the marine chronometers at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich with a complete description and photographs of every instrument preceded by the history of the marine chronometer, details of how the instruments were made, and a guide to how to assess and date them. Fine copy with fine dust jacket and fine slipcase.

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(Ref: K4973 - CR12)

Price: 120.00

Betts (J.): Time Restored The Harrison timekeepers and R. T. Gould, the man who knew (almost) everything
O/P. 464 pages, 61 illustrations, 2006. An interesting biography of Lt Cdr Rupert Gould, the author of The Marine Chronometer, written with the co-operation of his family and with access to his diaries. Gould, best known for his chronometer book and the rescue and restoration of John Harrison's timekeepers, wrote, lectured and broadcast on several subjects. A well researched and written book. A fine copy (presentation inscription signed by author), with very good dust jacket, of the original hardback edition. (Ref: K22107 - Y2)

Price: 40.00

Bradley (I.): Myford ML10 Lathe Manual
O/P. 114 pages, 92 figs., 2nd edition, 1977. A useful guide enabling owners to properly use their Myford lathe and the wide range of attachments available. Good copy (showing signs of use), card covers. (Ref: K4961 - A1)

Price: 7.00

Bradley (I.): The Amateur's Workshop
O/P. 265 pages, figs., revised edition, 1976. A detailed workshop guide to the selection and use power tools (small lathes, drilling machines, compressed air, etc.) in the workshop. A very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K1634 - TC5)

Price: 9.00

Bruce (W.): Early English Lantern Clocks 1615 - 1700
O/P. 62 pages, illustrated, 2004. The catalogue of an exhibition of 23 fine lantern clocks, all beautifully illustrated in colour photographs. The earliest clock in the catalogue is by Thomas Harvie and dates from circa 1615 and there are several from the William Bowyer workshops in the 1630's. A good copy but with a few water marks to covers and edges of a few pages. Blue card covers. (Ref: K4162 - H4)

Price: 15.00

Brusa (G.): La misura del tempo - L'antico splendore dell'orologeria italiana dal XV al XVIII secolo
O/P. 669 pages, illustrated, 2005. This book Time measurement, the ancient splendor of Italian clockwork from the XV to the XVIII century was written to record an exhibition of the same name held in Trento, Italy in 2005. The book has over 300 pages containing more than 20 essays by well known horologists, followed by a detailed catalogue of the exhibition - over 300 pages with 340 clocks and watches, all described and illustrated in colour. A fine copy. [Italian language]

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(Ref: K4206 - C2)

Price: 125.00

Bryden (D.J.): Napier's Bones - A History and Instruction Manual
O/P. 23 pages, illustrated, 1992. John Napier invented the simple calculating rods, usually known as 'Napier's Bones', and published a description of them in 1617. This delightful book explains the history and the design of the calculating rods, and how to use them. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K2537 - A3)

Price: 25.00

Bundock (M.) & McKay (C.): James W. Benson of Ludgate Hill - Turret Clock Makers
S/H. 72 pages, illustrated, 2002. James Benson was a prolific retailer of clocks and watches in the 19th and early 20th century. This book focuses on the turret clock activities of the company and reproduces rare catalogue and advertising material. A list of known Benson turret clock installations is also included. Fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K4202 - C1)

Price: 9.00

Chapuis (A.) & Droz (E.): Automata - A Historical and Technological Study
O/P. 408 pages + index, 488 figures, 1st English edition, 1958. This book is the best of the English language automata books and includes chapters on articulated masks, clocks & watches with automata, mechanical toys, automaton figures & animals, and lots more. A very good copy of one of the classic books on automata.

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(Ref: K73 - S3)

Price: 110.00

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