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Last updated 20 March 2019

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The following books have been added to our booklist in March 2019:

[Antiquorum]: Omegamania - Thematic Auction Important Omega Collector's Timepieces
O/P. 300 lots all illustrated in colour. The sale was an Omega collectors dream, mainly wristwatches with a few pocket watches and a few clocks, and included the actual watch worn by James Bond in Casino Royale. A very good copy. Card covers. [Sale @ Geneva 14 & 15/04/2007] (Ref: A172)

Price: 75.00

Braun (P.): Wristwatch Annual 2008 - The Catalog of Producers, Prices, Models, & Specifications
O/P. 432 pages, illustrated, 2007. An annual publication with lavish illustrations and details of over 100 of the top makes of wristwatches including, Breguet, Chopard, Glashütte, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Rolex, TAG Heuer, Vacheron, etc. Very good copy, card covers.
(Ref: K4519 - F7)

Price: 10.00

De Clercq (P.): The Leiden Cabinet of Physics - A Descriptive Catalogue
O/P. 198 pages, illustrated, 1997. The 295 items of scientific apparatus, made between about 1660 and 1810, are described and illustrated. The items were made for the University of Leiden for the instruction of students in natural philosophy and are now housed at the Museum Boerhaave. A very good copy. (Ref: K3858 - Z1)

Price: 20.00

Foulkes (N.): Patek Philippe The Authorised Biography
S/H. 544 pages, well illustrated in colour, 2016. A biography of the Patek Philippe watch making company, written with full access to the Company archives and the co-operation of the Company and its employees past and present. Founded in 1839 the company produces some of the world's finest watches. A fine copy with fine dust jacket.

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(Ref: N4520 - E7)

Price: 135.00

Hepton (J.): The Hepton Clockmakers of Northallerton
O/P. Pages 24 - 26, family tree, 1997. Five generations of Hepton clockmakers worked in Northallerton, Yorkshire and, in Victorian times, Wellingborough Northamptonshire. A useful article contained in a volume of the Yorkshire Family Historian magazine. Good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4525 - BX3)

Price: 19.50

Marozzi (D.) & Toselli (G.): Longines
O/P. 387 pages, illustrated in colour, 1990. A good, well illustrated, guide to Longines pocket watches and wristwatches; written with the cooperation of the Longines company. As you would expect the book starts with a history of the firm, details of calibres produced and a brief table of serial numbers with approximate dates when they were produced. Fine copy with fine dust jacket. [Text in Italian, French and English] (Ref: K4521 - E4)

Price: 95.00

[Patek Philippe]: Collection Book Volume 3 2016
O/P. 308 pages, illustrated, 2016. A large format hardback catalogue of Patek Phiippe's wristwatches produced for sale in 2016, including interesting information about the company and its products. Complete with separate UK price list. A fine copy. (Ref: K4522 - Z1)

Price: 20.00

Richon (M.): Omega Saga
O/P. 487 pages, about 1000 illustrations, 1998. A large book on Omega, written by the curator of the Omega Museum and published on the 150th anniversary of the company. A comprehensive timeline study of the company and its products containing a wealth of information for the enthusiast. This book has become very hard to find since it went out of print. [French language]

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(Ref: K4523 - Q3)

Price: 250.00

Richter (B.): Breitling: The History of a Great Brand of Watches 1884 to the Present
O/P. 173 pages, 320 photographs, 2nd edition, 2000. A history of this famous company with information from old catalogues and advertisements as well as details and illustrations of the whole spectrum of Breitling's products. Information on serial numbers and production will help collectors to date their watches and the book is complete with a price guide (US dollars). Breitling's most famous product the 'Navitimer' was first produced in 1952. A fine copy with fine dust jacket. (Ref: K4400 - F1)

Price: 35.00

White (G.S.J.): The Clockmakers of London

White (G.S.J.): The Clockmakers of London
NEW. 88 pages, 180 illustrations, 2nd edition, 2018. A larger, and much revised, edition with excellent photographs and sections on Edward East, John Harrison, Thomas Tompion and John Arnold. The book tells the story of clock and watch making in London and of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers. Card covers. (Ref: N4526)

Price: 13.50

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