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Last updated 1 December 2017

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The following books have been added to our booklist in December 2017:

Brand (S.): The Clock of the Long Now: Time and Responsibility
O/P. 190 pages, figs., 1999. Modern civilisation has a very short attention span; technological change is very rapid, short-term thinking dominates markets and politics, personal multi-tasking is on the increase. The Long Now Foundation hopes to encourage people to take a long-term view and think about the generations that will follow them. To encourage the long view the Foundation is planning to build a large mechanical clock intended to record time for 10,000 years. A very good copy with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K4317 - G5)

Price: 7.00

Diderot & D'Alembert: L'Encyclopdie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonn des Sciences, des Arts et des Mtiers, .. - Horlogerie

Diderot & D'Alembert: L'Encyclopdie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonn des Sciences, des Arts et des Mtiers, .. - Horlogerie
O/P. 25 pages + 64 plates, 1765. A complete set of the plates and associated text of the horology section, extracted from the famous encyclopaedia by Diderot & D'Alembert first published in Paris in 1765, page size 15¼ x 10 inches (38.7 x 25.4 cm). It is rare to find a full set of original plates together with the explanatory text in such fine condition. The text pages are generally in very good condition with light foxing and a few stains in the margins, the first page is very discoloured with several stains (not affecting legibility of text). The plates are in fine condition, undamaged and generally very clean and bright with minor dust staining to outer margins and virtually no foxing. The plates and text are in a good early 20th century binding with cloth spine and paper covered boards, corners bumped and boards a little marked. [French language]

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(Ref: K4252 - CR10)
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Price: 575.00

Hirst Brothers & Co.: The Fourth "Wide-Awake" Catalogue of Tools and Materials for Watchmakers, Clockmakers, Jewellers and Opticians
O/P. 456 pages, not dated, but probably circa 1920. A well know catalogue of great historical interest. Title page and pages 59/60 & 399/400 missing, otherwise complete but with 30 or 40 loose pages, the loose pages only very worn to edges and some with tears. The binding is very loose and the cloth covered boards are very worn the cloth split on most edges, spine missing. A fair copy, worth rebinding. (Ref: K149 - CR10)

Price: 50.00

Lee (R.A.): The Knibb Family Clockmakers

Lee (R.A.): The Knibb Family Clockmakers
O/P. 187 pages, 5 colour and 190 b&w plates, 1st and only edition, number 136 of 1000 copies, 1964. This volume, now hard to find, is the standard reference book on the life and work of John, Joseph, Peter and Samuel Knibb. A very good copy (very bright and clean internally,no book plates or inscriptions), the dust jacket also in very good condition (with later clear film lamination which also lightly attaches it to the book), still in original cardboard transit box. This is the best copy of the book I have seen for several years.

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(Ref: K798 - Z3)
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Price: 850.00
Loomes (B.): Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World - Complete 21st Century Edition

Loomes (B.): Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World - Complete 21st Century Edition
NEW. 873 pages, 2006. This book contains over 90,000 names of makers of clocks, watches, scientific instruments, sundials and barometers, all in alphabetical order. This work covers the period from the late 16th century to the early 20th century and includes all the names in the old 'Baillie' and 'Loomes' plus an additional 20,000 names brought to Loomes' attention since their publication. An essential book for all clock and watch enthusiasts. With dj.

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(Ref: N1079)
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Price: 50.00

Lynn (T.): New Star Tables, adapted to practical purposes for twenty-two years, commencing January 1843, for the use of Mariners, Amateur Astronomers, Chronometer Makers, &c ..
O/P. 48 pages, 84 tables; plus appendix of 25 pages, 1 plate, 29 tables; plus 3 page index; 1843. The first part of the book contains star tables with explanations and worked examples of finding latitude and longitude, the appendix contains rules and tables for computing the longitude at sea using lunar observations. The author was an experienced commander in the naval service of the East India Company, and the wealth of information in this book must have been of real benefit to navigators in the days of sailing ships. A very good copy, occasional light foxing, nicely bound in half leather with marbled boards and gilt tooled raised bands to the spine.

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(Ref: K4314 - Z1)

Price: 150.00

Penman (L.): Clock Design and Construction
O/P. 125 pages, 180 figs., 1st edition, 1984. This is a useful book for those wanting to understand the basics of clock design and construction. The author considers the design of each aspect of the movement and dial and each chapter includes a section of practical instructions for making the parts designed. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K1500 - K3)

Price: 25.00

Plomp (R.): Early French Pendulum Clocks, 1658 - 1700 known as Pendules Religieuses
O/P. 119 pages, 214 colour illustrations, 2009. This book presents information about the Paris clockmakers who made pendulum clocks after their introduction in 1658. It also discusses the development of the French pendulum clock and includes superb illustrations (dials, movements & cases) of almost 100 clocks. On the basis of the evidence available, the author concludes that many clocks made in the 1680's were made in the workshop of Andre-Charles Boulle, the famous cabinetmaker. An excellent contribution to our knowledge of early clockmaking in France. A fine copy, card covers. (Ref: K4107 - F1)

Price: 30.00

Reid (T.): Treatise on Clock and Watch Making, Theoretical and Practical
O/P. xviii, 466 pages, 19 folding plates, 3rd edition, 1847. The third edition of this celebrated work by Thomas Reid, the famous Edinburgh clock and watch maker. The book is a comprehensive treatise on clocks, watches and chronometers with information on orreries and turret clocks. A good copy with a little foxing to the plates and title page, first 3 pages with water stain to edges. Now in a reasonably good, modern, half leather binding.

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(Ref: K779 - B3)

Price: 195.00

Tardy: Calibres de Montres Nos 1 - 5: Les Principaux Calibres de Montres identifis par leur plaque de remontoir (frein de tirette)
O/P. 5 sections of 82, 36, 18, 22 & 48 pages respectively, section 4 complete with 20 page interchangeable parts table as called for, all circa 1950. A useful, and now rare, publication of use to those who wish to identify movement makers and calibres. A good copy showing significant signs of use, bound in a single volume, wear to top and bottom of spine and to corners, covers discoloured. [French, English, German & Spanish language] (Ref: K4312 - K3)

Price: 95.00

White (G.):  English Lantern Clocks

White (G.): English Lantern Clocks
O/P. 539 pages, 8 colour plates and lots of b&w illustrations, 1st and only edition, 1989. A very large and comprehensive work which has become the standard reference book on English lantern clocks. This is the essential book on the subject and all lantern clock enthusiasts need a copy. The book covers styles and development of lantern clocks in London and the provinces in great detail and has lots of information about how to spot conversions, alterations and fakes. A very good copy (very clean internally, top edge of paper block a little stained, one bruised corner), the dust jacket good (light wear to corners and top of spine).

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(Ref: K1252 - Z3)
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Price: 350.00

Wilding (J.): Hints and Tips for Clockmakers & Repairers
O/P. 93 pages, 239 illustrations, 1987. This is a very useful book for those new to the workshop, with practical advice and information on how to make various small tools. A very good copy of the card covers edition. (Ref: K4313 - B3)

Price: 30.00

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