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Last updated 18 August 2017

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The following books have been added to our booklist in August 2017:

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Alpern (A.) & O'Gorman (J.F.): Catalogue of the Andrew Alpern Collection of Drawing Instruments
O/P. xxi + 133 pages, illustrated, 2010. An excellent, well illustrated catalogue of 129 sets of English, European and American drawing instruments made over the last 300 years. This will be a very useful reference book for those wishing to put a date to sets of instruments and to identify their makers. Very good copy with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K2428 - CR7)

Price: 45.00

Beeson (C.F.C.): Clockmaking in Oxfordshire 1400 - 1850
S/H. 212 pages, 34 plates, portrait, folding map, 3rd edition, 1989. This is a reprint of the second edition with a new introduction by A.V. Simcock and a new enlarged index which contains some additional information about the clockmakers. This book is essential reading if you are interested in the clocks and clockmakers of this county. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K494 - CR7)

Price: 15.00

Bender (G.): Die Uhrenmacher des hohen Schwarzwaldes und ihre Werke (2 volumes)

Bender (G.): Die Uhrenmacher des hohen Schwarzwaldes und ihre Werke (2 volumes)
O/P. Volume 1: 536 pages, 36 colour and 223 b&w illustrations, 2nd edition, 1979; volume 2: 689 pages, 24 colour and 168 b&w illustrations, 1978. An excellent and well illustrated account of Black Forest clockmakers and their work and still the definitive work on the subject. The volumes include illustrations of clocks and movements, workshop views, portraits, tools and machinery. As well as an excellent bibliography two rare works on Black Forest clockmaking are reproduced in facsimile. Both volumes in excellent condition complete with good dust jackets (vol 1 jacket with 2 small tears to bottom of spine and wear to edges, vol 2 jacket with small tear to rear) and original card slipcases. [German language]

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(Ref: K1381 - V1)

Price: 250.00

Bennett (J.A.): A Decade of Accessions - Selected instruments acquired by the Whipple museum between 1980 and 1990
O/P. 64 pages, illustrated, 1992. A catalogue of 125 fine instruments and related items including sextants, telescopes, barometers, air pumps and transit instruments. A good copy (long scratch to front cover), card covers. (Ref: K4234 - CR6)

Price: 9.00

Bennett (J.A.): The Divided Circle - A History of Instruments for Astronomy Navigation and Surveying

Bennett (J.A.): The Divided Circle - A History of Instruments for Astronomy Navigation and Surveying
O/P. 224 pages, 258 illustrations, 1987. Although published 25 years ago this is still the best book on the subject and essential reading for all enthusiasts and collectors. As well as the history, it is a practical guide to the identification, dating and understanding of some of the finest scientific instruments ever made. Fine copy with fine dust jacket. (Ref: K32 - A2)
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Price: 95.00

Bennett (J.) & Johnston (S.): The Geometry of War 1500 - 1750
O/P. 85 pages, 107 figures, 1996. An interesting exhibition catalogue describing and illustrating instruments of use in gunnery, range finding & surveying, and fortification. A good copy, card covers (a little worn to edges). (Ref: K4226 - L3)

Price: 25.00

Betts (J.): Time Restored The Harrison timekeepers and R. T. Gould, the man who knew (almost) everything
O/P. 464 pages, 61 illustrations, 2006. An interesting biography of Lt Cdr Rupert Gould, the author of The Marine Chronometer, written with the co-operation of his family and with access to his diaries. Gould, best known for his chronometer book and the rescue and restoration of John Harrison's timekeepers, wrote, lectured and broadcast on several subjects. A well researched and written book. A fine copy (presentation inscription signed by author), with very good dust jacket. (Ref: K2107 - S1)

Price: 32.00

Bricker (C.) & Tooley (R.V.): Landmarks of Mapmaking
O/P. 276 pages, illustrated, 14 folding maps, 1989. An illustrated survey of maps and mapmakers for all the continents. The fascinating story of how centuries of exploration enabled cartographers to produce more detailed maps. A good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K4238 - CR7)

Price: 10.00

BHI: Correspondence Course in Technical Horology - Preliminary Grade
O/P. 5 booklets (numbers 8 - 12), dated 1963, each of about 40 pages, with diagrams etc., containing a wealth of practical information. Part of a course of theoretical and practical horology, one of the steps to becoming a member of the British Horological Institute in the 1960's. A very good copy, staples a bit rusted, card covers. ( 0.6kg) CR6
(Ref: K3922 - CR6)

Price: 9.00

Calvert (H.R.): Scientific Trade Cards in the Science Museum Collection
O/P. 61 pages, illustrated, 1971. Descriptions and illustrations of trade cards of scientific instrument makers and a few clockmakers. Good copy, card covers. (Ref: K3040 - Q1)

Price: 10.00

Chartres (R.) & Vermont (D.): A Brief History of Gresham College 1597 - 1997
O/P. 100 pages, illustrated, 1998. Thomas Gresham's will left his house and fortune to establish Gresham College, an educational charity, in the City of London. The most notable of the early professors was Robert Hooke who held office from 1665 to 1703. A fine copy with fine dust jacket. (Ref: K4247 - G5)

Price: 9.00

Clay (R.S.) & Court (T.H.)ope: The History of the Microscope
O/P. 266 pages, 164 illustrations, reprinted 1975. Originally published in 1932, this is the definitive work on microscopes from the earliest times up to the introduction of the achromatic microscope. The book contains a useful list of instrument makers with working dates and addresses where known. A very good copy with good dust jacket (wear to top of spine). (Ref: K3795 - B3)

Price: 40.00

Collins (P.R.): Care and Restoration of Barometers
O/P. 116 pages, illustrated, reprinted 1999. A useful book on the repair and restoration of wheel or banjo barometers from dismantling, through to the refilling of the tube with mercury. The book also gives advice on the handling and maintenance of barometers. Written by an experienced restorer. A very good copy, card covers. (Ref: K4061 - Q1)

Price: 6.00

Daumas (M.): Scientific Instruments of the 17th & 18th Centuries and their Makers
O/P. 361 pages, 142 illustrations, 1989. The first English language edition of Maurice Daumas' pioneering work which is a classic study of the development of scientific instruments in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A very good copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K2738 - CR8)

Price: 25.00

David (Jacques): Rapport A La Socit Intercantonale Des Industries Du Jura Sur La Fabrication De L'Horlogerie Aux Etats-Unis

David (Jacques): Rapport A La Socit Intercantonale Des Industries Du Jura Sur La Fabrication De L'Horlogerie Aux Etats-Unis
O/P. [ 11 ] + 120 pages and 8 plates, limited edition of 1000 numbered copies, 1992. A facsimile reprint of the manuscript report written by Jacques David following his visit to America in 1876. The report is written in beautiful copperplate handwriting and has finely drawn plates. The facsimile is published with a biography of David and a history of the manuscript. An as new copy with original and very good slipcase. [French language] (Ref: K3024 - L3)
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Price: 75.00

Dawes (H.): Instruments of the Imagination: A history of drawing instruments in Britain 1600 - 1850
O/P. 136 pages, 175 illustrations, 2009. A good book, well illustrated in colour, about British instrument makers and the use of their instruments in mathematics, drawing, architecture and perspective. A useful reference book for collectors of drawing instruments and all those interested in British scientific instruments. Fine copy (bookplate on ffep) with fine dust jacket. (Ref: K2323 - CR7)

Price: 30.00

Dawson, Drover & Parkes: Early English Clocks
O/P. 552 pages, 800 illustrations, reprinted 2003. This book has become the standard work on English clocks made prior to 1710 and is an essential reference work. Strongly recommended. A fine copy with fine dust jacket. (Ref: K1439 - CR7)

Price: 50.00

De Carle (D.): The Watchmaker's and Model Engineer's Lathe - a User's Manual
O/P. 220 pages, 61 plates, 229 figures, 5th edition, reprinted 2002. This book is the standard work on the subject and is a comprehensive survey of lathes and lathe accessories worldwide. A fine copy with good dust jacket. (Ref: K1245 - S1)

Price: 12.00

Dekker (E.): Globes at Greenwich

Dekker (E.): Globes at Greenwich
O/P. 592 pages, illus., 1999. A catalogue of the Globes and Armillary Spheres in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. This was the first in a series of excellent catalogues of the Greenwich instrument collections, other volumes in stock are on Sundials, Astrolabes and Sextants; later this year the volume on Chronometers will be published. A fine copy, with very good dust jacket and very good original slipcase.

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(Ref: K4035 - L3)
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Price: 295.00
Diderot & D'Alembert: L'Encyclopdie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonn Des Sciences, Des Arts et des Mtiers, ... (Compact Edition)

Diderot & D'Alembert: L'Encyclopdie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonn Des Sciences, Des Arts et des Mtiers, ... (Compact Edition, 5 volumes)
O/P. 5 volumes, illustrated, 1969. A facsimile reprint, photographically reduced to about half original size, of the first Paris edition of this famous encyclopaedia produced between 1751 and 1772. Four reduced facsimile pages of the original appear on one folio-sized page (39.5 x 25 cm) of this printing. The printing quality is excellent and all text and diagrams are very legible. The encyclopaedia contains a wealth of information; over 75,000 entries and over 2,500 plates. A fine copy with just a few minor marks to the covers. [French language] [Packed weight is over 30 kg, UK postage will be £19.00, for other countries please email us for a quote - website calculator can not handle this weight]

***Automatic 10% discount at the checkout on this book.***

(Ref: K3876)
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Price: 495.00

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